There is a new animation studio making waves in the industry. Skydance Animation prizes a high degree of creativity and tells wholly original stories. The studio has been hiring some of the best minds in the industry to use their passion, experience, and creativity for telling amazing stories. Skydance Animation works to touch their audience’s hearts and captivate them with great characters and immersive stories. Skydance Animation makes feature films, shorts, and series that bring new originality to the animation industry. The studio’s audience includes people of all ages. Founder John Lasseter has put together an animation studio that brings highly dedicated talent together on a global scale. The studio has its headquarters in both Madrid and New York.

John Lasseter once served as the chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. These two animation studios are the largest in the world. John Lasseter pioneered animation using CGI, and he was a big part of Pixar’s success. Today, he is the chief creative officer of Skydance Animation and is leading the studio to success through its dedication and passion for storytelling and originality. He brings many years of industry experience to this new studio. John Lasseter also serves as the director of animation, and he has a history of winning awards, such as his two Academy Awards for excellence in the industry.


Luck is the story of a girl named Sam and her terrible luck. She learns more about both good and bad luck and joins a group of magical characters to find a force that is stronger than luck. Exploring the Land of Luck, she meets the luckiest being in the land. This star-studded animated film from John Lasseter and Skydance Animation is a soon-to-be classic among family animated films.


This is another of Skydance Animation’s animated films. It is the story of a royal family and their kingdom, who are all affected by a magic spell cast upon them. They set out to try to break the spell and save everyone, even as the royal couple is turned into monsters. This is another full-length film from the studio, with a highly prestigious cast of actors voicing the characters.

Finding Nemo

This classic film is the story of a young fish separated from his father and the journey each takes to reunite with the other again. This gentle film captured the imaginations of a generation of people around the world. It’s well known for building a world under the ocean and introducing several interesting and engaging characters.


This modern classic is the story of a rat and the human he helps learn to cook for a restaurant. The two form a strong bond and make just the right dish for a food critic who visits the restaurant.


WALL-E is the story of a dedicated robot who cleans up trash on Earth after being left behind by humanity. He has many adventures as he seeks to let people know their homeworld is starting to blossom and come alive again.

Toy Story 3

One of the favorites of modern animation fans, this sequel is even better than the films before it in the series. Despite being a story about toys who have a life of their own, it has surprisingly emotional moments that won the film many important awards.


Frozen is a tale of two royal sisters who become separated because of one sister’s magical ability. It has many delightful characters and is renowned both for its story and soundtrack.