It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first car, second, or twenty-fifth. It will still be undoubtedly one of the most valuable possessions you will own, and maybe one of the most sentimental too. Because if you have to ship your car cross-country or to another state to be able to continue using it even after you’ve moved to a different place, that vehicle is already a part of who you are and you don’t see that changing any time soon.

Needless to say, you would only want people who are reliable and trustworthy to take care of it for you as you know that they will give it the same amount of care as you would.

So, if you’re planning to ship your car over to your new place in Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter, it is imperative that you thoroughly check which companies you would want to entrust your important vehicle to. Depending on how far the distance is from the place of origin to its destination, your car can be on the road for hours, exposed to external elements and unpredictable circumstances (check this out). Contracting a company that you know you can trust will give you the peace of mind you need to send off your most trusted wheels with a smile on your face.

To help you find the right car shipping company, here are 5 telltale signs that the company is worthy of your trust.

They Walk The Talk

Any company you ask will always tell you that they provide excellent services; they’re the leading service provider in the market; their customers are 100% happy all the time. As they should. Companies are allowed to be the loudest and proudest cheerleaders of their business. There’s absolutely no harm in that. However, such words without the proper action to back it up are simply just that – words. When looking for trustworthy car shipping companies in Los Angeles, you would want to look at their track record in service delivery. The number of times they successfully do what they promise to do tells you exactly how they operate as a company.

Whenever they give a timeline on how fast they can deliver or work things out, do they meet it?

Do they give practical solutions to potential problems instead of making up insensible excuses?

Is their behavior reminiscent of the values they try to represent?

It’s important to look for signs that your service provider knows how to deliver on their promises, and this goes for any service or any company you work with – movers or not.

They’re Fully Transparent About Fees & Charges

Nothing bums people out more than businesses trying to be sketchy with pricing. Giving you vague answers, excessive use of “it depends” or “we’ll see how it goes” instead of laying out concrete numbers that a grown man can easily understand are huge red flags that you need to watch out for. Never sign up for a service unless you know exactly how much they are charging you for the delivery of such service and any and all add-ons.

A company who refuses to provide you with a quote on paper is usually not a good sign. You would want to work with businesses who know how to price their services right and don’t expect extras later on. If they feel that they have a right to higher compensation, they could simply raise their prices from the get-go. That’s how a real business does it.

They Have Real Testimonials To Back Up Their Claims

Next is to look for powerful testimonials. Try to look for ones that feel more constructive than biased, like what this article tells us. The more specific the details are about how the sign-up process is, how the delivery went, and how the whole shipping service was wrapped up, the better. You would want to gather as much information as you can from the experiences of other people. Steer clear of reviews or feedback that don’t provide you any of that.

They’re Never Too Busy To Entertain Your Questions or Requests

The fourth thing you would want to look at is their communication. Are they open to your questions, concerns, or additional requests? Have they gone cold after you’ve made a down payment or after you’ve made a deal with them? Do they maintain constant communication with you and update you regarding the status of your shipment? The way they communicate from the start will most likely be the same level of communication they meet you with after you hand them your vehicle.

On the off chance that certain issues arise during shipment, you would want a company that communicates openly and effectively with you as opposed to a company that doesn’t show the least bit of concern towards you and your property.

They Run The Business From A Place of Integrity

Great companies, no matter what the industry, often have one thing in common: they value integrity. More than money, influence over the market, profitability, and whatnot, the thing they value most is doing right by their customers and providing them with not just an excellent – but an extraordinary experience. And even if something goes wrong, they know how to own up to it and find solutions.