You want to drive results to your business, but you’d love to put that on autopilot. The time has come when you can do that, thanks to text message marketing that helps your business stand out in a competitive marketplace. That’s your chance to automate a powerful revenue driver through your current enterprise.

What and Why

Automated text messages are a way to send content that you write and schedule in advance to multiple recipients from your subscriber list. The manual intervention necessary is either minimal or nonexistent, so you don’t have to put many resources into getting your marketing message about your brand out to consumers interested in your story, products, and services.

You can even set up a drip campaign with automated messages that trigger after particular user actions or time intervals, and doing this helps engender personal relationships with specific consumers. You just need to create the right sequences and workflows to engage consumers at every point of your sales funnel.

The great thing about automated text messages as a marketing form is how well it works on both ends. You get to market your business without sacrificing expenses or resources, and consumers get personalized offers and services that help them feel valued personally. You can delegate quite a bit of this work to technology and tools instead of using valuable employee time on repetitive tasks. Automation also helps keep things from slipping through your processes.

Growing Your Business With Promotional Text Messages

You can expand your business by using promotional text messages, and this involves reaching customers on a flexible scale that fits your current needs, maximizing engagement rates, and learning from all the data you collect. Your promotional text messages can help you reach a handful of consumers or tens of thousands, and making the most of engagement means you get a lot of them to convert into actionable business or actual sales. The more data you collect, the better you can improve your automation in the future. That ranges from link tracking to coupon interaction data.

While you can automate text message promotions, you must do some setup work in advance. Starting your subscriber list is one crucial step, and creating a list of content messages is another. You’ll also need to find a service that meets your needs. Something intuitive and easy to use is a great starting point, but you also need to ensure they fit your budget. Also, look for a reliable service that can adhere to legal compliance when it matters.

Different Kinds of Automated Messages

Even if automation takes a lot of labour out of your marketing process, that doesn’t mean you should send out the same messages repeatedly. In fact, different kinds of messages help you produce more results when you can tailor them to a variety of situations. Even better, you can test various messages to see which ones produce the best response rates.

Start any subscriber with welcome messages that help them join your list and get to know your brand. Transactional messages are useful after anyone does business with your online store. Acknowledge their purchase, and thank them for their business. You might also cater messages towards recovering abandoned shopping carts, delivery updates, account notifications, and booking or shipping confirmations.

Send out special offers at specific times or select subsections of your subscriber list based on their demographic data. Appointment reminders also work well for services that must be booked in advance, but make sure these go out during normal working hours for the consumer’s time zone.

Surveys and polls help you get crucial feedback you can use to improve and grow your company. Ask consumers to rate your services or products after they finalize a transaction. You can also raise awareness for promotions or sales that are coming up soon.

With Wi-Fi access and smartphones being so prevalent, it’s no wonder that 97% of all Americans send a minimum of one text each day. The public is obviously going to respond to text message marketing more than ever, and it’s up to you to take advantage of the possible automation.