Were you diagnosed with mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos? If so, you might want to speak with an asbestos attorney or a mesothelioma lawyer. A lawyer specializing in this area focuses on legal matters that pertain to asbestos exposure.

An asbestos injury lawyer represents a person who is sick because of exposure to asbestos. For example, say you are diagnosed with mesothelioma after working a job that exposed you to asbestos. If you seek compensation for your injuries, an asbestos injury attorney can help with your case.

Cases involving asbestos exposure can become complicated. One case can involve several people, including manufacturers, employers, and plaintiffs. An attorney specializing in this area does several things to help you with your case.

Evaluate the Case

An asbestos attorney will review the details of your case to see if you can proceed with the lawsuit. The attorney will consider your work history, asbestos-related illness, and your exposure circumstances. After reviewing this information, the attorney will know if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Provide Information on Your Options

The attorney will discuss your legal rights and options concerning your claim. You’ll also learn the potential outcome should you decide to pursue compensation. The attorney can also answer questions that you have about the case.

Compile Evidence

You’ll need solid proof that your illness results from asbestos exposure. The attorney will gather evidence that supports your claim. Evidence can include your employment and medical records. Anything relating to your workplace-related asbestos exposure and the health outcome can serve as evidence.

Identify At-Fault Parties

Several companies or people are possibly liable for your exposure to asbestos. You must identify these parties to proceed with your claim. Extensive research is needed to track the use of asbestos in your workplace and the products you were exposed to. In addition to your employer, several manufacturers and companies are possibly at fault.

File the Lawsuit

The attorney will prepare the legal papers and file your lawsuit with the appropriate court. This marks the beginning of your lawsuit.


Some asbestos-related cases never make it to court. At-fault parties often prefer to settle out of court and offer a settlement. If this occurs in your case, the attorney negotiates with the at-fault parties for a settlement. The settlement amount should provide adequate compensation for your illness.


Your case will proceed to court if the at-fault parties can’t provide a settlement. The attorney will represent your case in a court of law. Your attorney will present your evidence and argue on your behalf.

Trust Claims

One or more at-fault parties in your case might have an asbestos trust. An asbestos trust is a fund that pays asbestos-related claims for a company that has filed for bankruptcy. Your attorney will know if one of these trusts pertains to your case. If it does, the attorney will file a claim with the trust to get your compensation.


If your case goes to court and you’re displeased with the outcome, your attorney can possibly appeal the decision on your behalf.

As the steps above show, an asbestos attorney does several things during a case. Throughout the entire process, the attorney advocates on your behalf.

Your rights and interests are a priority for the attorney. The goal is to get fair compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and other illness-related damages and expenses.

Your attorney might discover that you’re eligible to join a class action lawsuit. Several class action lawsuits have been filed pertaining to asbestos-related mesothelioma. A group of people file an asbestos-related class action lawsuit with the same illness or injury caused by exposure to asbestos.

Your attorney will determine your eligibility if there is a class action lawsuit. Just because you have an asbestos-related illness doesn’t mean you automatically qualify to join the class action lawsuit.

If you’re eligible to join a class action lawsuit, your attorney will determine if joining is in your best interest. If you join the lawsuit, your attorney will guide you on how to proceed. Having an asbestos injury lawyer is beneficial when you want compensation for your asbestos-related illness or injury.