Yard centerpieces like grills make the parties more fun and exciting, and they are often synonymous with outdoor and summer living. That’s why it makes more sense to select the one where you can cook your barbecues reliably. You can see more about the grills on this page here.

Fortunately, there are a lot of models that can help you host a great barbecue session. You can look at each type’s pros and cons, and below are some of the factors that you need to consider:

Gas Types

Generally, these are more convenient than the others because you simply turn on the burners, and that’s it. It’s the open-grate type that has gas burners, and they are generally built permanently in your backyard, or you can choose the cart-style burners. It’s cheaper and cleaner to use, and you don’t need to buy a new tank and swap them halfway while cooking your steak because there are no more instances of running out of natural gas.

Liquid propane may still be popular with homeowners because it essentially adds portability and convenience. However, they require planning because you need to determine how much is left inside the tank before cooking, but you can also hook your current gas lines by purchasing a conversion kit.


A purist’s favorite and a classic, everyone believes that this is one of the most authentic and superior ways to grill food. Briquettes or wood chips are used as a fuel source, and they add those distinctive smoky and strong flavors in steaks and hotdogs that everyone loves.

Lighting and firing the charcoal pieces may require time, and the temperatures may be difficult to control. They are inherently slower, so you might want to use a high-octane starter to speed things up, and you should be skilled in handling coal while cooking to get an even sear. An upside with them is they are affordable, and the brazier types are the ones you see in the parks. Kettles can be the classic square or rounds that are placed on top of tripods, and they have simpler vents, while the Kamado varieties are often made from ceramic that can insulate heat better.


Generally, more compact versions are available, and they can be available in the form of pedestals, countertops, carts, and many more. You can plug the ones that you can find, like the Watson’s electric grill in a nearby electrical outlet and turn the knobs. Extension cords can also be brought outside if you want, and they are great for those who live in apartments with balconies. Find them a very convenient way to cook, and some can cost up to $600 if you want the best models.


They’ve been around for almost three decades, and they are becoming popular in recent times. Hoppers are present at the side where you can fill them with your chosen wood pellets. You just set the preferred temperature, flip the power switch, and the auger will connect the hopper to burn to move the pellets around.

Factors to Consider

Intensity of the Heat within Ten Minutes: According to research done by various companies, people wait until ten minutes to preheat their grills before they start their cooking. You can check the ratings on the right website and their BTU measurements that you can see more here: https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/units-and-calculators/british-thermal-units.php, so you’ll know which one is right for you. The higher the score in a short amount of time, the faster you’ll be able to get that nice brownish sear on your meat when you’re on a picnic.

Even Grilling: Evenness performance will mean that this is going to determine the number of burgers that one can finish at the same time. Gas types have one or two primary burners for both vegetables and chickens, while you can also have a side stove where you can prepare sauces that will give you better flexibility. Small meals may require only a single burner, while the ones with the four stoves can be used for medium-size parties of up to 10 people.

Flat Tops

Griddles will let you prepare some meals and steaks a little differently than the traditional steak cooking methods. Burners used are similar to the gas systems, but the flat surfaces allow the heat to be distributed to the food that you’re cooking evenly. You can prepare fried rice, grilled cheese sandwiches, fajitas, bacon, pancakes, and other breakfast staples in them if you want and prevent flare-ups with the process. They are handy and easy to maintain as well.

Infrared types are also utilizing radiant heat through the process of convection. You may find them to be different from the standard ones, and they are heating the food directly, which can prevent the ingredients from drying out.