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According to some research, 65% of companies threw a party in 2018. If you’re also thinking about throwing a corporate event, you might be wondering how to throw one that will be a fun company outing.

When throwing a business event, it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure on you.

However, keep reading, and we’ll give you a few tips on how to throw the best company event everyone will remember.

Rent a Space

First, you’ll need to find an event space to throw your party. You’ll need to figure out how many people are going to go and how long you’re going to be spending at the party.

Most of your coworkers would appreciate a change of scenery compared to the office, so try finding somewhere that is fun and has good vibes. However, if you’re going to be throwing a party during a popular time (like the holidays), you may have to compete for venues.

You should start looking for venues as early as possible so that you don’t have trouble booking a venue for a specific date. You may also want to look for somewhere that is convenient for employees to travel to from the office.

You also want to find a place that has enough parking. If you’re going to be offering hotel bookings so people don’t have to drive home, find a venue that is close to a hotel.

If you’re going to have live entertainment, you may also want to find somewhere that has a stage for performers. The space should also have a PA and enough outlets to plug in any equipment.

Similarly, if you’re going to be having food at the event, find a space that has a kitchen.

Choose a Theme

Next, choose a theme for the party. This will help give you a framework to work with when you’re planning the event.

For example, if you want a formal party, you could try doing a casino night, cocktail testing, or even a murder mystery party. If you want something that isn’t as formal, have a competition like an ugly sweater contest.

Once you’ve set your theme, you’ll realize that the details of the party will start falling into place. Your theme will help you decide on decorations, food, invitations, and entertainment.

Make sure you advertise the theme ahead of time to help people get excited about the event.

If you can’t think of a theme, let your coworkers vote on one! When you ask for feedback, you’ll be more likely to choose a theme that you know people will enjoy.

Set a Budget

Next, you can set a budget for your event. You may need to ask your employer or the event committee how much money you have to work with. Or, you might need to come up with a budget, and they’ll need to approve it.

Your budget will impact all of your planning, including how many people you can invite, how fancy the event can be, and what spaces you can rent.

If you don’t have enough money to run your event, you could reach out to potential sponsors to raise more money.

Book Entertainment

Next, you’ll have to book entertainment. The type of entertainment will depend on what type of event you’re going to have or what theme it is.

You’ll want to do this as soon as possible though so that they don’t get booked up.

Whether you’re booking a DJ, band, comedian, or educational speaker, you’ll want to make sure that you have the budget for them. Also, ensure that it’s appropriate for the type of event that you’re hosting.

Get a Photographer

If you’re going to throw a great event, you’ll want to have some memories of it as well. A great way to remember the event is to hire a professional photographer or videographer. The photographer will walk around and take photos of the events and even get photos of people together.

These photos will also be great to showcase on your social media platforms to improve your employer branding.

If you want to save money, you could also rent a photo booth. This is always a favorite among people, and you’ll get to let people take their own photos and also have a fun keepsake to remember from the party.

To set up the photo booth, you’ll also want to have different props that people can use. Some of the props could even be a hashtag that you can use for the party. That way, people can share all of their photos on there.

Find a Caterer

Next, you’ll need to find a caterer to bring in food and drink. This will be an important decision for the party, and your budget will determine a lot of it.

Caterers can be expensive, especially if you want a formal plated meal. If you’re having more of a casual party, you could go with a buffet.

If you’re only planning a small lunch in the office, getting a boxed lunch is a good option.

Before you get drinks and alcohol for the party, check with your manager. Some companies will limit how many drinks people can have at corporate events.

Learn More About How to Throw a Fun Corporate Event

These are only a few tips on how to throw a fun corporate event, but there are many more strategies that you can try.

We know that event planning can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

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