Humans are inquisitive beings, wondering about what’s in the future before we even grasp our present self’s true essence. Perhaps this imagination or musings is what makes us different from any other species of earth. You will never find a chimpanzee pondering about what it will do or where it will be after a year; it is happy living in the present. We, humans, love to ponder the past and the future, trying to connect the dots with patterns and symbols. This constant feeling of uncertainty can be quite frightening and draining.

If you find yourself struggling to accept life’s events or want to find deeper meaning in life, you can try oracle and tarot reading. Read on to find out what they are and what you can expect from your first oracle and tarot reading so you can prepare yourself.

What Are Oracle And Tarot Reading?

Oracle and tarot reading is a type of cartomancy or fortune-telling. However, it is not exactly predictive, nor does it aim to predict the future. Tarot card reading deals with structured numbers that thematically follow the same meaning, even if the decks of the card are different.

Oracle reading is less rigid, and there are very few rules to it; you can create your own theme for oracle cards. While tarot cards focus on detailed interpretation of things, oracle cards provide insight into the big picture. Although people don’t take fortune-telling as seriously as medieval people did, it is still a unique way to rediscover yourself. Both readings can take place separately, but combining oracle and tarot reading can yield a wholesome experience.

What to Expect In Your First Oracle and Tarot Reading

Oracle and tarot card reading can be overwhelming for first-timers. To make your yes or no oracle predictions accurate or any other readings to be worthwhile, you need to prepare yourself for the experience. Even if you are skeptical about psychic power or psychic readings, the experience can provide you a new perspective about life. Here are the things you can expect from your first oracle and tarot reading.

You Might Get To Meet a Spiritual Being

Whenever you try to picture a tarot reader, do you think of a hippy Gypsy with long beads hanging around their necks? Oracle and tarot readers are nothing like that in reality; you might even be surprised that they are just people like you and me, maybe with some spiritual aura around them. To put it into perspective, you can think of oracle and tarot readers as counselors; instead of listening to you, they will guide you to choose different cards, assess your energy from your selection of cards and elaborate on them.

Because their work somewhat mirrors that of a counselor, most oracle and tarot readers are gentle and intuitive human beings; with excellent people skills. They can interpret your body language, the intonation of your voice to gauge your personality and energy. Meeting an oracle or tarot reader can truly turn out to be a spiritually awakening experience for you.

You Might Get Asked Some Personal Question

Tarot readers greatly respect your privacy; there is no reason for you to believe that you will be grilled with personal questions, and all your secrets will be revealed the minute a tarot reader sees you. They will ease you into the conversation, following your cues. However, depending on the situation, you might get asked some questions about yourself or what you want from the reading.

If you find that the answers will help them better assess your situation, you can answer them. Readers who rely heavily on their intuition might not need to ask questions as they can extract it from how you respond to them.

Be Open to a Conversation

Oracle and tarot reading is quite an intimate experience; you need to be at ease with your reader to get the most out of your reading. To ease you into the process, you might get asked to perform some breathing exercises to ground your mind. Be open to a conversation if the situation arises. You might visit a tarot reader hoping to gain some insight into a particular aspect of your life, but the reading might point to something entirely different from your agenda.

In that case, accept the change and open your mind to the new possibility. As oracle and tarot reading is entirely based on your subconscious mind, this type of transition of context is prevalent; the best you can do is to be prepared for them.

You Might Find a New Perspective

Finding a new perspective might be the primary reason for you to see an oracle or tarot reader. However, the reading might not give you a concrete solution to your problem.

Hoping to get answers for your problem from an oracle or tarot reader would be the wrong way to go. An oracle or tarot reading can shed a different light on your life events and stimulate your cognitive thinking. This will spark new ideas that were not there before.

You Can Ask To Follow Up Questions

If you are new to oracle and tarot reading, you might find it hard to grasp their meaning. You might need clarification and elaboration to find the meaning of your oracle and tarot reading. You can ask a question after the reading is done. You might even be invited to ask questions about your reading. Don’t shy away from asking for clarification if you find it complicated.

However, it might be hard to answer the “why’’ questions, as the readings are not based on scientific explanation; they are mostly numbers and their implication. If you find the visit mentally boosting or insightful, you might ask for a further meeting.

The Bottom Line

Your experience at oracle or tarot reading depends mostly on the style of the reader. As a first-timer, you should keep your expectations realistic and follow the reader’s prompt. However, if you have the basic rundown about how things work, you will find the experience more engaging and purposeful. You won’t have to face any unwanted surprises about the process. Make sure you find an experienced reader who can guide you through the process and explain its meaning.