Table of contents:

  1. How to choose the best gaming console 
  2. Reviews of the best gaming console
  3. FAQs

Buying a gaming console can get all confusing, especially due to the availability of various top models by different brands. Each gaming console has different perks and drawbacks, making it suitable for some and not so much for others.

In this article, we have reviewed the best gaming consoles out there and highlighted what makes them the best.

How to Choose The Best Gaming Console Of 2021

When you go out in the market, choosing between different gaming consoles might seem difficult. These are a few factors to keep in mind before making your purchase decision.

  •  Price

First and foremost, price is a factor that significantly affects what gaming console you’ll choose. You need to set a budget and then go out in the market, this will help you in shortlisting the gaming console that falls within your price bracket.

  •  Graphics

The next big thing is graphics that the gaming console has to offer. The main factors to consider are whether the console offers 4K resolution and what its Frame per Seconds (FPS) rate. Also, remember to check whether the screen you’re planning to use supports these features or not. Other than just the screen and 4K resolution support, make sure you have checked your internet connectivity. Grande communications internet has gigabit fiber internet connection that gamers can use to ensure smooth and high-resolution streaming.

  •  VR compatibility

Recent technological advancements have totally changed the dynamics of video games by introducing Virtual Reality (VR) compatible games. These features are only accessible if you have a console that is VR compatible. So, keep this factor in mind if you want to enjoy the thrilling VR technology.

Reviews of The Best Gaming Consoles 2021

Without further ado, let’s jump straight towards the reviews of the top gaming consoles of 2021 and look at what makes them the best.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 is the newest addition to the console world. It made quite a buzz with some of its terrific features. Its new lightning fast SSD has significantly decreased load times, allowing a much smoother gameplay by enhancing graphics. The unit is capable of 4K/120fps gameplay and also supports 8K/60fps.

Moreover, it comes with a revamped controller design equipped with enhanced haptic feedback, making it far better than the PS4 controller, both in terms of design and functionality. Along with all these great features, Sony also has a strong launch line-up of games only available on the PlayStation Network, giving you another reason to go for the PS5.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X is the flagship gaming console of Microsoft that comes in all-black color, offering 4K UHD graphics along with spatial sound feature for a great overall experience. Moreover, Xbox One X ships with a 1 TB hard drive, giving you a lot of in-built storage for downloading your favorite games.

Furthermore, one of the features that has really made the Xbox lovers crazy is that games from all generations, including Xbox 360 and the original Xbox play even better on the Xbox One X. It might fall on the higher-end, in terms of price but surely worth it, if you can afford it.

Nintendo Switch

Next unit on our list is a hybrid gaming device, the Nintendo Switch. It has three different modes for you to enjoy: TV, Handheld, and Tablet mode, which you can enable by the help of Joy-Con controllers. This allows you to either connect it to the TV via a dock or take it away with you for a portable experience on its own 6.2-inch screen. If you’re using the portable mode, the battery will last around 4 – 5 hours comfortably, depending on the games that you play. If you compare it to other consoles, this definitely is a unique design, especially the handheld mode that lets you play with the help of an IR motion camera.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What internet speed is enough for a gaming console?

The minimum internet speed required for online gaming is somewhere between 3 – 6 mbps, keeping in mind this is for casual gaming. Whereas, if you want to have proper gaming experience on some of the top video games, then at least 25 mbps will be a reliable speed.

2.      Can I use my gaming console without an internet connection?

Yes, you can use a gaming console to play video games that don’t require an internet connection. However, most modern video games are designed to be at their best when connected to the internet. If you don’t have an active internet connection, many features won’t be accessible. It is best to find yourself the best, most affordable and generous internet plan from buytvinternetphone.

3.      Do I need to buy games for my gaming console?

Yes, once you’ve got your gaming console, you’ll need to separately buy games for it. You can purchase these games online from respective stores of a brand or purchase CDs from a physical store.

4.      At what age should kids get a gaming console?

Due to increase in the use of smartphones and tablets, children are adapting to these from quite a young age. As far as a gaming console is concerned, you should wait at least your child is 6 – 8 years of age before you get you get them a gaming console.