When shopping for a cost-effective vacuum cleaner, the range of products and manufacturers available in the market can be staggering, with multiple choices of models at various price tags. However, if you are shopping for a versatile buying option that offers a great value for money, you can rely on the novel duo clean technology feature of Shark 801ukt. This type of cleaner doubles up as the best for both medium of carpet and hard floor, making cleaning hassle-free.

Here are the attention-grabbing features of Shark Vacuums that can enable you to make an informed decision:

DuoClean Technology

All the latest shark cleaners, including NV801UKT, are equipped with the latest technology of ‘duo clean.’ The cleaners consist of a double counter-rotating brush in the main floorhead to capture both large debris and fine dust. There is no need for you to use different attachments with different surfaces. Besides, it works with almost all floor surfaces, including carpets, hard floors, and across your upholstery and fabric.

Detachable Dust Cup

You don’t have to deal with the difficulties of changing and emptying dust bags, which leads to leaks or escapes during every round of cleaning. As these cleaners contain a detachable dust cup, it can be easily accessed to empty and clean. The cup’s capacity is 1.1 litres, which is also good enough for cleaning alternate days for best results. The anti-allergen complete seal technology prevents leaking dust.

LED Headlights

Most shark cleaners come with LED headlights that will enable you to spot bits of dirt and debris during cleaning. This is a great feature that other cleaners don’t have. Especially when reaching out dark corners and crevices, the light can come in handy for an effective cleaning process.

Lift-away and Other Flexology Functions

This feature makes it easier for you to manoeuvre from floor/carpet to high areas such as stairs. All you need to do is to detach and lift the dust container. The powered lift-away enhances its functionality to easily change it from an upright mode to a handheld vacuum to enable an all-around cleaning efficiency. It delivers power and drives the brush roll to rotate in tandem with the suction feature.

Moreover, the cleaner’s flexible hinge will help you bend it in desired direction to reach under or over according to your needs. You can also fold the cleaner and store it inside when not in use.

Anti-hair Wrap

A comb located at the back of the floorhead allows the cleaner to pull hair from the brush bar and send it upward into the dust container. This helps you avoid messy tangles of hair clinging onto the brush, which can reduce suction and remove the hair cumbersome.

Mini Pet Tool

Some vacuum cleaners like NV801UKT also come with a feature called TruePet that includes a pet tool for cleaning sofas, stairs, and other common pet areas in your house. This tool can lift embedded pet hair that hangs onto fabrics of your sofas, car seats, and carpets.

Other Noteworthy Features

Most vacuum cleaners typically offer a one or two-year warranty period. However, shark vacuum cleaners like NV801UKT come with a five-year warranty, which makes Shark market-leading with regards to the warranty period. Although these vacuum cleaners are relatively expensive, you can get the best value with uncompromised quality considering their comprehensive features. Ensure to shop around for the best deals so that you avail offers or discounts to lower your cost.

If you are searching for a robust cleaner with deep-cleaning and flexible tools, Shark vacuum cleaners can be the right choice. Assess the above exclusive features so that you can make a wise decision to invest in the right cleaner with modern cleaning technologies.