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22 Amazing Kitchen Tools That Could Make Your Life Easier
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Sure, I get it – cooking is a lot of work. It takes time and energy, and sometimes it’s much easier to order something from your favorite restaurant or eat some gooey substance from a box. But in this slideshow we’ve selected the finest kitchen tools and gadgets that can make your cooking experience pleasurable, and your meals tastier than ever. These are the modern kitchen devices that every decent household should have.

22. Meat Tenderizer


Tenderizing meat the old-fashioned way is no picnic. Fortunately, this device with multiple small blades gets the job done perfectly in a matter of seconds. With the meat tenderizer, you can be sure that your meat will always be on everyone’s lips. But what about fish you ask? Let’s find out.

21. Fish Scraper


And who likes to remove fish scales? Not I, and not me pa either. But with this device, even amateurs like ourselves can chip away the scales in no time. The fish scraper is also much more “environment-friendly”. It scoops up the scales instead of having them fly all over the kitchen. So we got a lovely steak, we got the Atlantic’s finest. Now, what about wine? Coming up in the next photo – a wine tip that will get you pumped up like no other.

20. Wine Condom


Opening a bottle of wine and storing it in the fridge is no issue when you have a wine condom at hand. These are quite small and can fit into your pocket, so they can be carried around and used anywhere. If you wanna surprise your date, the wine condom might just do it!

19. Potato Brush


If your eyesight is a bit shabby, you might have thought this kitchen tool was a bird. But it’s actually a really useful potato brush. It’s used to perfectly scrape the potato skin of any dirt and nastiness. The plastic beak removes potato eyes with accuracy and precision that rightly earns it the “melee Tomahawk missile” nickname.

18. Pancake Pen


Pancake pens are all the rage at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. You can draw or write anything you like and turn it into delicious pancakes in a few minutes. They’re also great for getting the kids more interested in cooking.

17. Avocado Slicer


This avocado slicer is the real deal. There are two components that make it stand out from the crowd. First of all the pitter which eliminates the pit in one fell swoop, and the second worthy aspect is the slicer that removes the fruit from the skin. If you’re a regular muncher of avocados this kitchen tool is a no-brainer.

16. Microwave Bacon Rack


Did someone say bacon? Bacon is sublime even without any extra heat, but microwaved bacon is the true porky paradise. The smell, the taste – you know how it’s like. With this gadget, you get to microwave a lot of bacon while also reducing its fat content significantly. Who says you can’t diet with bacon?

15. The apron with a removable towel


Whether you need to dry your hands or swipe over some kitchen apparel, this apron ensures you have a towel at hand. The best part is that the towel can be taken off easily for washing or to be replaced with another one.

14. Silicone Oil Dispenser


If you’re looking for a way to spread the oil on your food equally and without creating a mess, the silicone oil dispenser is the go-to kitchen tool you’re after. It’s very simple to use and clean, and the oil can remain in it for a long time, so it can also be used as a regular bottle.

13. Citrus Reamer


There’s nothing worse than getting the lemon seeds in your tea. At least that’s how I feel about it! This citrus reamer gets rid of that annoyance due to the special attachment, as can be observed in the photo. But grab a hold of your popcorn, because the next kitchen tool is even more satisfying.

12. Silicone Bottle Caps


Silicone bottle caps are the perfect way to have your glass bottled drinks remain fresh for long stretches of time. They’re usually quite cheap and can be re-used over and over again.

11. Herb Saver


Herb saver is exactly as the name states – the best way to save your herbs from dying. All you need to do is put them in the device, pour some water and store it in the fridge.

10. Oyster Knife Set


These little knives are something every oyster lover should have. Shucking oysters can be quite difficult even for experienced fishermen. So don’t fret, get the oyster knife set.. or else!

9. Sink rack roll


If you have a smaller kitchen to contend with, the portable sink rack roll is an excellent acquisition. Just place the food or dishes that need to be dried off and wait for the magic to happen.

8. Spoon + Ladle


This handy kitchen tool can be used both as a large spoon and a ladle. It also has a flat tip that is useful for scraping. The best part of it is the deep scooping head with measuring lines, so you can be sure you’re giving everyone an equal share.

7. Slip-on Bowl Spout


If you hate creating a mess while pouring the contents of your bowl elsewhere, this attachment is definitely worth investing in. I personally bought it and was finally able to stop taking my high blood pressure medication. Go figure!

6. Adjustable Rolling Pin


Using an adjustable rolling pin is a simple way to make perfectly sized pizzas, cookies, pies and more. The dough will always have the perfect width of your choice when using an adjustable pin.

5. Dumpling Clip


Are you a fan of Chinese food, and dumplings in particular? Now you can create dumplings that rival those of your favorite Chinese restaurant in a simple and easy fashion.

4. Grape and Tomato Cutter


Cutting small fruit and veggies like tomatoes and grapes is probably not your idea of fun. Having a cutter like this gets the job done literally with a push of a button. The next cutter on our list is a bit more extravagant though.

3. Vegetable Spiral Slicer


What lovely spirals! If there was ever a way to decorate your dishes with healthy veggies and without too much fuss, this is it.

2. Warming Butter Knife


After bacon, here’s another high-fat coolinary delight. This butter knife transmits your own body heat, and can also be used for other spreads as well. To top it off, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher and used by children.

1. Herb Mincer


These 90-degree rotating blades slice and dice herbs much faster than an ordinary knife. Plus it’s much safer and easier on the palms. Thanks, science!

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