So, you’re ready to start a family! You’ve thought it over in your head and you definitely want to bring a child into the world. When you bring up the idea of having a baby to your partner, however, he or she shrugs it off or flat out rejects the idea. How can this be and why? You both have spoken about having kids, sometime in the near future, and now seems like the perfect time. So why is your partner suddenly so resistant? And are you sure that your wanting to have a child is not a cover up for something else?

If you both have decided to have a child and your partner begins to holds resistance toward having a baby, it can be for a number of reasons. On the outside they’ll proclaim that money is an issue, maybe instability at work, or the house not being large enough to house all of you. However, these issues are never the true root of the problem. If your partner is holding out on you because of these issues you are going to have to take the time out to dig deeper. Finding out what the underlying issue is could make or break your decision to have a child. Sometimes, speaking to you may be difficult for your partner. They may not want to disappoint you or may feel judged. Encourage your partner to speak out to a therapist or close friend. Voicing their concerns can help pinpoint the root of the problem. Figuring out what the blockage is could help your partner realize that they can overcome any issues in order to have this baby.

Your partner could be dealing with childhood issues, parental issues, or just simple fears and anxieties. Whatever the case may be, talking aloud with a trusted individual will do wonders for you and your partner. If, you are looking to have a baby to solidify your marriage, or fix issues in the relationship, then thinking the idea of having a baby over would be beneficial to you both. If you are having a troublesome marriage that lacks trust, bringing a baby into it will not help resolve any issues. In fact, having a child may only intensify any issues or arguments between the two of you. Coming to an agreement with a partner that is hesitant about having a child involves patience and lots of talking in order to compromise to a solution.