Guns have been ideally used for either combat or self-defense. Given the complexity of gun laws in various states and countries, getting your hand on a gun can be both easy and challenging. Additionally, the notion of owning a gun for self-defense can be misconstrued, given the complexity of the laws in place.  

However, if you own a gun for that specific purpose, it should be durable and appropriate for the job; when it comes to your and your family’s defense, you just can’t compromise. The 5.7x28mm ammo is considered one of the best cartridges by gun experts and lovers for self-defense. We’ll discuss why below.  

The history of the 5.7 x 28.78 ammo 

The 5.7x28mm ammunition has had an exponential growth in popularity since its release in 1990 and subsequent widespread use. This little bullet is well known for its ability to pierce through any armor, flat trajectory, and high velocity out of a pistol-length barrel. It is, therefore, one of the most cherished and hated cartridges. 

The 919 Parabellum, which the FN 5.7 originally supplanted for NATO forces, outperforms other weapons in its class. 5.7 is the best option regarding content, accuracy, and terminal performance. 

But when it comes to the general application, it is unequivocally insisted that it is perfect for self-defense. Even though the cartridge has been the subject of various disputes, production has continued unabated. Some of the most popular guns that usually use 5.7 x 28.78 ammo are: 


  • FN PS90 Carbine 
  • The FN Five-SeveN 
  • Ruger-5.7 
  • Ruger LC Carbine 
  • Palmetto State Armory Rock 
  • Kel-Tec P50  

5.7 x 28.78 Specifications  

Developed exclusively for the FN P90 personal defense weapon and the FN Five-seven handgun, FN is the 5.7 28mm ammunition available across the board. But because its design is so helpful and widely applicable, it has since been used in several weapons, such as the FN PS90 carbine and the AR-57 upper receiver for the M16/AR-15 rifle. 

 Additionally, many other firearms can be perfectly configured for the 5.728mm cartridge by changing the barrel and magazine specs. In addition, unlike most other cartridges on the market, this one does not come with a parent case. 

The 5.7 28mm stands out for both its size and style. At just under 1.6 inches overall, the cartridge is noticeably longer than typical pistol calibers. This length frequently causes the grips on 5.7mm pistols to be exhaustive and thin. 

The 5.728mm presents a lesser danger of collateral damage than regular handgun bullets due to its restricted overpenetration and ricochet risk. This little bullet only travels 400 meters upon shooting before losing most of its kinetic energy.  

In the event of a miss, it also presents a lower risk of causing collateral damage than a standard handgun bullet or others at the same range. Hence, the shot’s originality.  

Best 5.7 x 28.78 varieties for self-defense  

 1. L191 Tracer

The 5.7 x 28.78 L191 tracer cartridge was developed to make it easier to see bullets in dim light. Since the L191 tracer is loaded with explosive ingredients, it produces a light trail that can be observed for up to 200 m. 

Red, or the red-on-black point created to give it that difference, defines its distinctiveness. The performance and trajectory of L191 are the same as those of the other 5.7 ammos in the same range. Because of this, the agencies classify it as armor-piercing ammunition, and the only customers who may lawfully acquire it are members of the armed forces and law enforcement. 

2. SS192 Hollow-point

The SS192 hollow point is a widely used 5.7 ammo for sale that weighs 1.8 grams (28 grains) and has an aluminum core and copper jacket. The projectile’s length was 21.6 mm, and it had an unmarked hollow nose that was 7.6 mm deep and had a feature opening that was 0.8 mm (0.03 in) wide. 

The SS192 hollow point has a well-known reputation for excellent bullet potency but demonstrated poorer armor-piercing performance in tests conducted by several arms testing bodies.

3. SB193 subsonic

A Sierra Game King FMJBT (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail) bullet is used in the SB193 subsonic 5.7 ammunition. It was formerly known as the SS193 and weighed approximately 3.6 g. The SB193’s low muzzle velocity eliminates the distinctive “crack” created by supersonic rounds, and when used in conjunction with a sound suppressor, the muzzle report is also reduced. T 

A much lower muzzle velocity and lessened recoil force favor the SB193 subsonic. Its brilliant white tip makes the SB193 easy to identify. Similar to the L191 tracer, only military and law enforcement clients can buy the ammunition. 

4. American Eagle

American Eagle is a cartridge variety that produces 5.7x28mm shells in large quantities of short runs. They are incredibly reliable, precise, and hard to find! Ammunition of the highest caliber, the American Eagle Five-Seven, is perfect for target practice and range work. 

Producing this ammunition to the exact tolerances that have made them a pioneer in the industry provides dependable loading and performance. The non-corrosive, brass-cased, boxer-primed rounds also allow for reloading for even more value.

5. Speer Gold Dot

Speer’s Gold Dot range of 5.7 mm bullets remains the gold standard for official use, self-defense, and law enforcement professionals worldwide! 

The bullet almost completely removes pressure during impact and offers separation for more retained weight and critical depth penetration. Additionally, various impediments can be reliably penetrated by gold. The nickel-plated brass and sealing primers give users a sense of security regarding ignition and recoil. 

The ammunition’s pressure-formed lead core is also remarkably consistent! 


The 5.7 x 28.78 is a premium quality self-defense ammo that users use throughout the world profusely. The bullet’s efficiency has stood the test of time effectively and continues to be a highly preferred choice of ammunition. 

Additionally, depending on your self-defense and environmental requirements, you can choose from many 5.7 x 28.78 mm variants. Every variant equally maintains the bullet’s standard with minimal recoil.