Most Frequented Restaurant in NYCOne of the questions I often ask my fellow New Yorkers is “what’s your most frequented restaurant in the city?” Typically, it’s never one that’s getting rave reviews by New York Times or New York Mag, but just a good ol’ standby. It’s a spot that makes you feel comfortable, whether you’re eating alone or with friends and where you know you’ll get a good meal.

For me, it has to be Jack’s Wife Freda, especially if I’m going for breakfast or lunch. The food is not life changing, but it’s consistently good, the atmosphere is always inviting and lively and I love that there are a ton of healthy options, something not as easy to find in NYC restaurants. Of course, my healthy option usually comes with a side of fries, but that’s besides the point.

Most Frequented Restaurant in NYCMy favorites include: The Maya’s Grain Bowl (pictured above) with sliced avocado added on top, The Greek Salad, The Chicken Kebab and if I’m in an egg mood, I love the Mediterranean Breakfast. If you’re in the mood for something heartier, their burger is great.

I should also add, since the Carmine location opened up, that’s the only one I go to! Their Soho location is always way too crowded and not one I have a ton of patience for.

So, for my fellow New Yorkers or for those who visit often: what’s your most frequented restaurant? I would love to hear!

image credit: {1 via their website, 2 via my instagram}