This 65-year old man makes unbelievable catch at the Cubs’ Wrigley field against a second inning home run blast off of Milwaukee Brewers Mark Reynolds. Look at him outstretched, draped all over the fence on one leg while his wife is watching in despair while all of this is taking place. But like in the Cubs old tradition that has been going on for years, you have to throw the ball back into the field of play if you don’t want the entire stadium crowd booing at you. Indeed he did just that except for one thing. You will see he does the old ball switcharoo on us. Hilarious.


This veteran fan knew exactly what he was doing. You can tell it was not his first rodeo or first time doing the old switcharoo while no one is paying attention. Watch him lean over so smoothly towards his wife’s bag, while he switches the real ball for the fake. The southpaw also shows a nice throw back on to the field of play.


It’s amazing how this man didn’t fall over the fence. Thank God the sixty five year old shows that he has some awesome athleticism still running in his veins. Great catch!
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