Wondering what NBA Super Star Lebron James was watching during the 2012 Samsung commercial when he is in the barbershop watching something on his phone. Yes, it was James watching this 5’5″ high flying sensation showing off his display of dunks.This 5’5″ little human defies the definition of what gravity is not. His name is Porter Maberry, who became an Youtube viral megastar instantly after the Lebron James cameo ad. Take a look at these amazing dunks. It almost doesn’t look real.

Video of 5’5″ shortest dunker in the world. Recap of Lebron James Samsung Commercial Down Below this video.


Incredible story of a tiny talented high school baller who had a few scholarship offers to small colleges but things happened in Maberry’s life that knocked him off track. So he bounced around from place to place in Michigan and started playing basketball just for fun. A short time later he ended up with a warehouse job and he stopped playing ball all together for about one year. Once he laced up his shoes for the first time in about a year was when everything changed.

“I jumped, and it just felt different — I could tell,” Maberry remembers. “Everyone was looking at me, like, ‘What have you been doing, dude?’ But the answer was nothing. I’d just been working every day.”

He soon won his first organized dunk contest in Michigan, then he tweeted the video to Team Flight Brothers where they have many professional live dunking shows. Within days he woke up to a million views and a few weeks later it reached to 1.6 million views. Maberry’s recognition is growing as we speak. He finds it hilarious when he is thousands of miles away from home and people still recognize him.

Lebron James was watching the 5’5″ Porter Maberry dunking while at the barbershop in this 2012 Samsung commercial. In case you were wondering.