Derek Jeter has been such a great ambassador to the gam elf baseball for the past two decades. So by all means he should be enjoying every minute of it, since after all it is his last year. If you have ever played the game of baseball and you have ever hit a homerun before, you must have been a victim of the silent baseball rules we call “the silent treatment.” Once in a blue moon a player who has been scuffling at the plate for a few days or even weeks. Or in a case of it being forever since hitting your first homerun of the season. Especially if it is already mid-season. Currently Ichiro is going through a little slump and is still in search for his first homer of the season. Well, this is a classic example of a situation like that and there is no one better to lead the silent treatment charge other than the great Derek Jeter.

Here is Ichiro first homer of season. Derek Jeter video Reaction is down below.



Here is Derek Jeter wonderful reaction to Ichiro first homerun of the 2014 season.