The giant spectacle that is SXSW is nearly upon us and for thousands of music, film and computer buffs, it’s the absolute greatest time of year. While many fashionistas will be seen frolicking among the sands of scorching hot beaches for spring break, the rest of us are headed to Austin, Texas to behold the madness of this annual event. Austin is one of the coolest cities around, so those attending SXSW will want to dress accordingly. Opt for a laid-back outfit that showcases your hip, laid-back side. Comfort is key when navigating the streets of Austin, so you’ll definitely want to rock comfy shoes to get you from point A to point B with minimal blisters. To fit right in with the exuberant crowd, rock a vintage concert T-shirt, an effortlessly cool boho hat and a cross body bag so your hands are free to grab all the freebies available. While it’s ill-advised to go full-on glam during SXSW, style lovers can most definitely incorporate glam elements into their outfit to remain true to their fab selves. Bold lipstick, luxe gold jewelry and embellished shoes and handbags are just a few simple ways to up the ante on these laid-back looks.