Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham must surely be on top of the world. With a hotter than the sun husband, beautiful children and a thriving career, it’s as if there’s simply no stopping this glamour girl. Since her days of tight little dresses and touring the UK in a big, flagged bus, Vicky B. has consistently provided the world with ultimate fierceness, evident in the way she struts her stuff on the streets and on the runway after her totally coveted runway shows. Spotted looking nothing other than spectacular, Victoria Beckham has become the envy of every working mother out there, as she is constantly on the go and looking utterly chic while doing it. Structured, minimalist silhouettes dominate her aesthetic and once her collection hit shelves, Hollywood’s A-list celebrities simply couldn’t get enough. With the approval of fashion queen Anna Wintour herself, Victoria Beckham continues to serve the world a heaping platter of glamour, one which shows no signs of stopping any time soon. As one of our favorite fashion designers, we can only hope Vicky B. releases a line of more affordable clothing for us fashionstas who simply can’t get enough of the thrilling garments she has to offer.