20. Loyalty

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Having almost “fae” like beauty (especially the ears!), this fox pup named Lucy is the perfect middle ground pet for people who like both cats and dogs. Foxes, recently domesticated have the innate feral playfulness and energy while still being as loyal and as loving as a pup!

19. So Much Hype

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Geezmo with eyes as blue and as clear as a topaz, and fur which just gives you that butterfly nagging stomach need to pet it and snuggle till the end of time, it’s undeniable that it’s beautiful.
But, what if these two met, sometime in the future?

18. Growing Up

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And indeed, that is the case! Geezmo has grown to be a stoic, loving and loyal guardian while the Lucy has matured into coated fuzzy fur ball of mischief!
Like an older brother and a younger sister, it’s a beautiful sight seeing both of these beauties laying around outside after they’ve finished nagging each other in a playful manner.

17. Manners while playing

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While Geezmo is usually better mannered and more careful, Lucy doesn’t have an issue getting dirty while playing outside! That is why mom and dad have decided it’s time for a bubble bath.
It’s so rare to see such raw happiness in the eyes of a living being as seen in this picture, it even makes me think that Lucy is intentionally getting dirty to get that sweet, relaxing bubble bath – and in all honestly, I really can’t blame her.

16. Nice and Shiny

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Spotlessly cleaned and shiningly beautiful, Lucy is ready to hit the road again!
This time, mom and dad will be more careful with their fox pup to not get dirty, as like any pet lover, they’ll want to spend some snuggles time with their pet. Just the idea that someone gets to snuggle that beautifully furry fuzz ball gives me a nagging need to get a pet of my own for petting purposes!

15. Time in the past

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There was a time in the past, years back or so when Lucy didn’t have her current pup mom and dad, when she was a no named little fox lost in the concrete jungle.
She needed care, she needed love, she needed affection – and by a miracle of chance, her destiny is about to change.

14. Wadering and searching in life

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Lucy is going to wander and search for purpose – for a shelter and for friends. She maybe little, but she’s a fighter!
One day at a time, she will pursue her destiny, written not in the stars, but in her eyes.

13. Stumbling across something new!

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One day she will stumble across a no-named grown fox pup who has learned how to survive in the outdoors. By sheer instinct and a desire to have friend, Lucy will playfully pull her by the tail – “hey, I’m here, down here!”

12. New outdoor friend

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Her new outdoor friend will guide her and teach her, helping her grow into a beautiful adolescent fox. Gracefully traversing the outdoors, Lucy is still haunted by her pursuit for happiness.
Ever so doubtful, she will still take her time, growing steadily into a more spectacular fox beauty with each passing day.

11. So much work

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So much work is tiring, so there are times when Lucy can take a break. In the midst of the green lashes of the outdoors, upon a smooth rock, she will take her rest.
There’s time for everything in a day, and there are many days to come.

10. Shelter that she calls home

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Next time, instead of lying on rock with the risk of catching a cold, Lucy will shelter herself in the hollow stump of fallen tree, and you can see how much better of an idea that was!
She’s much more refreshed, and with shining fur and glistering eyes, her spirit to fight on is stronger than ever!

9. Life as a battle

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But, life is not a battle even though it does have its hardships – Lucy takes every chance to hang out with other fox buddies, to cuddle and play as she’s more benevolent in her heart than feral, albeit that is yet to come in play.

8. Finding treats

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Even in Autumn, Lucy manages to find lashing green grass to dabble around with, not staying away from the spotlight of beauty which the contrast between the shining of the grass and her fur make.
Her eyes tell a story – a story that of what has been, and of what is to come.

7. Strong fighter

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Winter has came, and with her also came all the hardships it brings. Lucy is a strong fighter, but living unsheltered for so long has taken its toll on her.
In her eyes you can see a glimpse of sorrow, almost as if a slight cry out, which is soon to be heard…

6. Surviving in the winter

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As she survived the winter and all of its hardships gone with the coming of the early Spring, Lucy is yet again gushing with benevolent spirit!
That one day, while casually resting on a plank near a construction site…

5. Beautiful Young Fox

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Her soon to be mom and dad notice a beautiful young fox, and reach out to her. As they come closer and closer to her, step by step, trying not to scare her, the young couple is in for a surprise!
Lucy, without a moment of hesitation, seduces this young couple with unmatched benevolent spirit of joy and play! They immediately bond into what is soon to become a loving relationship.

4. The Cozy Feeling

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Being a girl and fox, her feline-alike attributes incite a cozy feeling into the young couple, who at the time have not seen a pet so friendly and loving while making first contact!
Very soon, Lucy is decorated with a beautiful flower on her ear, symbolizing the new bond and the pact with which the coupe decides to take Lucy home. Lucy is delighted!

3. Out in the wilderness

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On the way out of the wilderness, Lucy is greeted by another benevolent creature, a baby deer. Saying hello and goodbye in one short instance, these two part ways as Lucy’s destiny is about to finally unfold.

2. Nostalgia of the past

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While having some nostalgia about the outside, maybe even caring about how her wilderness friends are doing on the outside in this rainy day, Lucy decides that ultimately it’s best to not worry about and decides to enjoy the beauty of a warm and cozy shelter – but before that, she gives her many outside friends one goofy, foxy kiss through the window!

1. Such a long time ago

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For the first time in a such, such a long time, Lucy is finally at rest, grasped within the warmth and coziness of an indoors bed!
This the both the beginning and the end for Lucy as while her search for her destiny is over, her life full of upcoming adventures is just about to begin!