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Sometimes the best thing that we can do in a given situation is listen to our gut feeling. When two college football players noticed a woman that was behaving oddly, they both knew that there was something terribly wrong happening. Instead of just ignoring the situation, the boys decided to intervene and managed to change the lives of four other people in the process.

20. Two Young Men

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Jack Long and Shane Simpson, from Saint Joseph, Missouri both attended Missouri Western State University. The two of them were on the football team and they were both training hard for the start of the 2011 season.

19. August Heat

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It was incredibly exhausting to train in the middle of the August heat, especially since they were running around in full-gear. Since the heat was so intense, the coach decided to call off practice a bit earlier that day. All of the players were relieved to hear that.

18. Strange Commotion

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That day, Shane and Jack had both carpooled together to get to practice. As the two of them began to make their way home, they ended up on a different route than the one that they usually would take. While driving they noticed a really strange commotion happening on the side of the road.

17. Hammer

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As the men were driving by, they noticed two women that were hitting the window of a car with a hammer. The young men obviously thought this was strange, but they figured that the women might have locked their keys in. However, they soon questioned that theory…

16. Panicked Looks

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However, the men quickly felt like something wasn’t right with the situation. The women looked way too freaked out and panicked for it to just be a case of keys locked inside of the car. That’s when they decided to turn the car back around and see what was really going on.

15. Asking For Help

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That’s when the men met Teresa Gall. Before they could even park the car, Teresa was already running in their direction asking for help. It seems that the young men were right about their gut feeling.

14. Babysitting

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It seems that Teresa was out visiting her sister and her niece for the day. While out with them she was also babysitting her grandson, Liam Snook. The day was finally coming to an end and she had placed Liam in his carseat so that she could hug her sister and niece goodbye.

13. Locked Out

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However, Teresa was so preoccupied with saying goodbye that she didn’t realize that she had left the keys in the front seat. As soon as she tried to open the car doors she also realized that they were all locked. Her 17-month-old grandson was now stuck inside of a car on a 95° day.

12. Calling For Help

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Teresa knew that time was of the essence in a situation like this one. She immediately called her sister and niece for help. It was at that moment that her niece arrived with a hammer that she got from her shed.

11. Losing Time

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Teresa continued to hit the window over and over again with the hammer. However, no matter how hard she hit she just couldn’t get the window to break. Then her niece began to try and once again the window wouldn’t break. The two women were getting nervous as they were losing time…

10. Heat Stroke

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Although he had only been trapped inside of the car for a few minutes, it was obvious that Liam was started to show signs of heat stroke. The poor baby’s face was getting incredibly red as he began to cry out for help. He even threw up at one point from the heat.

9. Prayers Answered

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It was at that point that Teresa began to pray to god that someone would come by to help them. It was obvious that Teresa and her niece weren’t strong enough to break open the window. That’s when her prayer was finally answered with the arrival of these two young men.

8. Explaining The Situation

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As soon as Teresa saw the two young men she immediately ran over to them. She quickly explained the situation that they were in and the men knew that they had to help out. It was at that moment that Shane grabbed the hammer from Teresa.

7. Heat Stroke Confirmed

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Shane immediately headed toward the car and knew that he had to save the baby. From what he could see, he could tell that Liam was indeed suffering from heat stroke. He had learned the signs of heat stroke during football practice.

6. Shattered

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Shane headed over to the window and swung his arm back with the hammer in his hand. He got together all of his might and swung the hammer on the glass. It was at that point that he managed to shatter the window.

5. Broken Window

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The window was finally completely open and Teresa quickly jumped in front of Shane. She reached in and unlocked the car door and pulled Liam out of it. Then she rushed over inside of her home in order to quickly cool him off and give him some water.

4. 30 Minutes

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The two young men decided to give Teresa some space, so they decided to head back into the car and drive away. However, after 30 minutes had passed, the two young men began to wonder if Liam was doing well. So they quickly headed back in the car and drove back to Teresa’s house.

3. Doing Well

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The two young men were relieved to find out that Liam was doing well. Teresa was so grateful to them that she immediately offered them a monetary reward. However, the young men knew of a better way that Teresa could thank them.

2. Football Game

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The young men asked Teresa if she and her family would come to the next football that their team had scheduled. They even offered to let baby Liam come down to the sidelines. Baby Liam was also allowed to play with some of the football gear!

1. Team’s Biggest Fan

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Teresa couldn’t express just how grateful she was to the two men for helping to save her grandson’s life. She knew that she could never repay them and although she admitted to not knowing much about football she has quickly become the team’s biggest fan!

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