It can be hard being an animal that is considered a pest by everyone. This is the unfortunate reality for one species of fox that resides in Australia. The European red foxes are considered a threat to native wildlife, so many people are encouraged to shoot at them when one shows up. This was the disastrous situation that one red fox found herself in…

20. Red Foxes

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Although they’ve made their way around Australia these days, red foxes aren’t native to the land. They were brought to Australia by British settlers back in the 1800s. Ever since then red foxes have populated the continent.

19. Intrusive Species

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Unfortunately, the red fox has not been kind to many of the native species in Australia. With more than 7.2 million red foxes on the continent, the species has been running rampant and hunting down and causing the extinction of some of the native Australian wildlife, such as the desert rat-kangaroo. Everyone began to scramble to figure out what to do…

18. A Plan

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In order to combat the problem, the Australian government set a plan into motion. It was a “threat abatement plan” that was passed in 2008. The plan stated that people could legally shoot foxes if they showed up on their private property.

17. Intruder

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This spelled out some very unfortunate circumstances for one baby fox that wandered onto a farmer’s land. The farmer discovered the fox and was planning on shooting it, so he went over to his neighbor to ask to borrow a gun. Fortunately for the fox, the neighbor didn’t have one with him.

16. Phone Call

Image: Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary

The farmer then decided on a new course of action. He quickly got on the phone and called the Sydney Fox Rescue, which happens to be the only organization working to help save the foxes from the threat abatement plan. At the rescue, the workers neuter and vaccinate the animals and keep them safe in the sanctuary.

15. Named

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The rescue crew headed over right away and scooped up the baby fox. Then they named him “Willa.” They took him to get treated and then Willa was off to hang out at the Sugarshine FARM Sanctuary. There he made friends with another baby fox named Athena.

14. Sad Situation

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Unfortunately, Athena became the victim of a terrible accident. She soon passed away after a python bit her. Willa found himself without a pal once again. That was until he met an unlikely companion…

13. Greyhound

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Oddly enough, Willa started to hang around the sanctuary’s greyhound, Isabel, quite a lot. Isabel was also rescued from a near-death experience. The greyhound was waiting to be euthanized when someone decided to intervene in the situation.

12. An Angel

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Another person that was at the vet’s office convinced both the owner and the vet not to put Isabel down. From there she was transported to the sanctuary where the co-founder, Kelly Nelder, quickly adopted her. Now Isabel spends her days hanging out with her new foxy best friend.

11. Best Friends

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The pair quickly became best friends. “Isabel has a very gentle and tolerant nature. She’ll let Willa jump all over her, steal her food and snuggle against her tummy,” Nelder told The Dodo. You won’t believe what one of their favorite things to do together is!

10. Beach Time

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One of their favorite things to do is to head out to the beach together. It took Willa sometime to get used to the big open spaces, but with Isabel by his side he quickly adjusted. After all, how could he not join his friend in such a beautiful adventure?

9. Frolicking

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Isabel’s a very fast runner, but she slowed her pace right down and walked near Willa,” Nelder explained. “Soon after that, they were digging holes in the sand together and frolicking in the dunes.” The pair also love to play games together!

8. Favorite Game

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One of Willa’s favorite past times is to chase after Isabel’s tail. “It holds endless fascination for him. He sneaks behind her, stares at her tail for a while, then pounces,” Nelder stated. “If he gets hold of her tail he tries to take it to his hidey spot with his toys. He doesn’t seem to realize that Isabel’s permanently attached!”

7. Cuddles

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After a long day of hanging out and playing chase the tail, there’s nothing this pair loves more than to cuddle up. Isabel will often groom Willa’s fur or hold his held close during their naps. These two are the ultimate snuggle pals.

6. New Law

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Despite the heartwarming love shared between Willa and Isabel. there have been new laws passed that don’t guarantee a fox’s safety. Recently, the authorities in New South Wales passed a law making it illegal to keep foxes as pets. Any wild fox that is found is to be killed on the spot…

5. Lucky Willa

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Willa, however, was registered as a pet before the law was passed. This was good luck for him but unfortunately, he won’t be able to continue visiting the beach with Isabel. Nelder was pretty angry about the law being passed as well…

4. No Evil Animals

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Nelder was understandably infuriated by the passage of this new law and had a lot to say about it. “There are no evil animals. Yes, wild foxes can be deadly to wildlife, but if kept in enclosures and well cared for, they are no longer a threat but are beautiful, funny animals with loads of personality,” Nelder stated.

3. Repeal


They shouldn’t be killed just for being born a fox, but unfortunately the current pest order means just that,” Nelder continued saying. Sydney Fox Rescue has recently started a petition to overturn the law, however, authorities have not acknowledged it as of yet.

2. Compromise


As humans, we can learn a lot about friendship and love through Willa and Isabel’s unlikely pairing. Although many people may find red foxes to be a pest, they are capable of enjoying life and having fun.

1. Thankful

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Thanks to the animal rescue, Willa can now continue to live his life in peace at the sanctuary. He continues to roam around and have the best times with his best friend. It is truly a happy ending for both Willa and Isabel.