Lions are some of the world’s most amazing predators and there’s a good reason why they are being called “kings of the jungle”. Nothing stands in the way of them and their prey. However, this cute baby lion that we are about to show you today is not so fierce.

20. Cute Animals

Have you ever seen a baby monkey riding a baby tiger before? Yeah, neither have I! This is a rare thing, but things get even better than this.

19. Best Friends

The weirdest thing about these two wild animals is not only the fact that they hang out together, but that they are actually best friends! Let’s see what makes us tell that they are friends.

18. Protective Lion

The baby lion is super protective of his monkey friend. He never lets his siblings get too close to the baby monkey because he knows that they might hurt him. How do you think the baby monkey repays the lion for taking care of him?

17. Love And Affection

The monkey isn’t able to protect the lion from harm’s way, but what the monkey can do is to help the lion have fun. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading and see for yourself.

16. Good Times

As unbelievable as this might be, these two best friends love to spend time with each other. The people who first saw them get close to each other were afraid that something terrific might happen, luckily that wasn’t the case.

15. Big Lion

While the lion might be just a baby, the monkey still has some troubles getting on top of him. Although, struggling to get on top of the lion is sure worth it since the monkey doesn’t need to walk anymore. The next photo is adorable!

14. Super Cute

Aren’t they just the cutest animals ever? Although, their cuteness is not the most amazing thing about this strange friendship…

13. Natural Enemies

Lions and monkeys are natural enemies and this is what makes this friendship so unusual. No wonder the people who work at the zoo where these little fellas are saying got scared when they saw them spending time together for the first time.

12. Small Animal

Would you ever expect a little monkey like this one to be so brave that it would jump on top of a lion? Nonetheless, I wonder what the lion’s mother thinks about this friendship.

11. The Lioness

If there’s one thing we know about lionesses, it must be that they are super protective of their babies. This makes me wonder what would the lioness do if her cub brought his little monkey friend home one day.

10. Loving Siblings

The zookeepers say that this unusual friendship is making other lion cubs be interested in monkeys. They must be jealous of their sibling’s new friend. The next picture will bring a smile to your face!

9. Big Eyes

Can you imagine how much fun these two will have together when they get bigger? Although, some issues might appear here and there. Check out the next picture to see what I am talking about!

8. Differences

Even though the monkey and the lion are best friends now, things might change when they grow up. There are some big differences between them, especially their food diet.

7. Getting Along

All that matters is that these two baby animals are getting along and they enjoy each other’s company. Isn’t this what friendship is all about?

6. Long Friendship

Let’s hope that these two keep being best friends as time goes on because seeing a huge lion with a monkey on his back is going to be something truly special.

5. Not The Only Ones

Talking about big lions and little monkeys, there is another case of an unexpected friendship that I need to tell you about…

4. Fierce Lioness

This lioness is looking for some food and she spots a baby baboon. The little monkey gets scared and tries to climb the tree, but it falls down! You won’t believe what happens next.

3. Baby Baboon

The baby baboon falls down from the tree and he is terrified. He probably thinks that his days are numbered but surprisingly, the lioness doesn’t mean him any harm. The next picture will send shivers down your spine!

2. Getting Closer

The lioness waited for a couple of moments until the baby baboon calmed down and then she got closer to him. The photographers got scared because they thought they were going to notice a gruesome scene, but the exact opposite happened!

1. Gentle Lioness

To everyone’s surprise, the lioness had no intentions of hurting the baby baboon and she just laid down with him. To make things even better, the lioness let the baby baboon run to his parents.