What better way to relax and to cool yourself off during a hot summer day other than to escape the crowded city and head on to the beach or the river? Well, this is exactly what this group of friends did but things didn’t go as they planned. While these friends were relaxing on a hot summer day, they never expected to experience something as scary as what happened to them when they saw something weird floating on the river.

20. Cooling Off


It all started when the group arrived at the local river for a good time. Although, minutes after arriving on the beach something started floating down the river. But what was it?

19. Floating Cooler


Out of nowhere, a white cooler started floating down the river. This grabbed everyone’s attention and they just couldn’t stop themselves from wondering what was in it. What one of the friends did next is a sign of true courage.

18. Jumping in the River


Right after noticing the floating cooler, one of the guys did something truly amazing. He jumped right into the water! Now this man is courageous. Let’s see what happened next.

17. Large Floating Object


The man who jumped in the river just couldn’t keep himself from doing it when seeing that a huge white container was floating towards them. What’s even creepier than this is that the man’s dog felt something was wrong. Check out how loyal dogs can be in strange situations such as this one.

16. A Man’s Best Friend


The dog didn’t leave his owner alone and joined him on this strange adventure. Maybe the dog smelled something? What type of smell would cause a dog to jump into the water like this?

15. Getting the Container


The man and his dog quickly brought the strange container to shore. Even though the situation was getting kind of scary, the group couldn’t help themselves from being excited to find out what’s in the box.

14. Excitement All Around


When the container was brought to shore, the group noticed something quite fishy about it. The contain was covered in duct tape! What did it contain that was so important?

13. Joking Around


Despite things getting quite scary, one of the men tried to pull a joke by saying that it could be full of illegal substances. Little did he know, no one could’ve guessed what was inside that creepy cooler.

12. What’s Inside the Box?


After looking at the box for a couple of seconds, the brave man who jumped in the water decided that he wants to see what’s inside it. This is when he started peeling off the duct tape. Strip by strip, the man who was filming started getting scared.

11. Getting Scared


Everyone started getting a little bit scared when the duct tape strips were getting peeled off. That’s when the cameraman saw that there’s a hatch on the container’s surface. He then encouraged the other guy to open it, but they were not ready for what happened next!

10. Shocked!


Not knowing what to expect, the first man who opened the hatch was immediately shocked to see what was inside! He couldn’t believe his eyes! But what did he actually see in there? A body? Drugs?

9. Small Body


The reason why the man who opened the container was so shocked is because he saw a small body inside it! Luckily, it was just a doll. But how did the rest of the group react to this?

8. Curiosity


A woman who was sitting next to this group of friends just couldn’t keep herself from wanting to see what’s inside the box. Her first reaction after looking at the container is priceless!

7. Jump Scare!


The woman jumped so fast that she almost fell after popping up the lid and seeing the doll. Now, what’s the deal with this creepy doll? Why was it floating down the river in the first place?

6. Creepy Doll


The group of friends started joking around after they found out it was just a doll. Their jokes lightened up the mood, but we can’t stop from wondering who would pull this type of prank? Or was it a prank all along?

5. The Cameraman Knows It’s a Prank


Looking at the comments on this video, many people are speculating that the cameraman knows that this is all a prank. The reason behind this being that the he started filming right when the container started floating around the river. But why would he do this to his friends?

4. Viral Video


The video went viral gaining over 10 million views. Maybe this is what the cameraman was after all along? He does have a YouTube channel and he probably gets paid for those views. Although, if we take a closer look at the cameraman’s YouTube channel we are going to see this next thing.

3. Prankster


This is not the first prank that the cameraman pulled on his friends. This might be a hobby of his or even his main source of income. Let’s hope this is true because otherwise, what kind of person would stick a doll in a container and let it float along the river?

2. Having a Laugh


In the end, this group of friends just had a great laugh together. Even though things got scary when the white container started floating down the river, it all turned out to be a simple prank. Although, this prank does show us something quite important.

1. Always Be Careful


This prank could have easily turned out to be something horrifying and people need to always be careful and call the authorities when something like this happens to them. No one could have ever guessed what was in that box and there was a chance for this prank to instantly turn into an entirely different story.