Today we have something truly special for you. We have scoured the internet in search for some of the most interesting inventions and gadgets you will ever see which will make you wonder why isn’t the entire world using them yet. Most of these pictures are about creative geniuses that managed to make their products and services much more interesting by adding a personal touch to them!

20. Where’s Waldo?

Don’t you hate going to the dentist and having to stare at the ceiling while the doctor is fixing up your teeth? Well, this dentist managed to find a creative way to make dentist visits more fun than usual. The next picture also shows what a creative genius can come up with.

19. Bakery Labels

These bakery labels show people exactly what they are getting! This is great for people who love eating the softer middle pieces of the cake. You know what else is amazing? This next grocery store sign.

18. No Candy!

I bet every parent loves this check-out line. More stores should use this because it will make parenting so much easier. If you are the forgetful type of person, then you are going to love what’s coming next.

17. Special Pill Bottle

Now, this is what I am going to buy the next time I get sick. No more forgetting about the last time I took my pills. While this pill bottle might be awesome, the upcoming invention is even more useful! Are you in need of assistance?

16. Needing Assistance

These special shopping baskets make it easier for retail workers to know if you need help finding a product or not. These baskets are great because they help people who don’t like being stressed by sales associates avoid awkward conversations. The next thing on our list is groundbreaking!!

15. Family Swing

The person who made this special swing surely comes from the future! Why isn’t this family swing in every park?? Someone call the authorities! Talking about cool things, you will love what’s next on our list.

14. Avocado Stickers

These stickers should be in every shop! I never know when certain fruits or vegetables such as avocados are ripe and these stickers will make my life easier and my meal so much tastier.

13. Nutritional Value

Who would’ve guessed that receipts can be so interesting? Although, receiving receipts like this one are going to make me even sadder because I am not only giving money away but I am also learning how fat I am getting. Do you love driving but hate getting tired behind the wheel? Well then make sure to look at the next picture because it will make your troubles go away.

12. Road Sign Trivia

Getting tired behind the wheel is nothing to joke around. There are many people who get in crashes because of this. Although, these road signs will keep your mind busy with interesting trivia questions that help you stay awake. The next airport has found the solution to make flights more interesting!

11. Short Stories on Demand

This cool airport has a machine that prints out short stories for people to read. Now, this is an amazing machine, especially since it will make long and boring flights pass faster. You know what else is equally ingenious and amazing?

10. Low Elevator Buttons

Don’t you hate it when you are carrying bags of groceries but you have to put them down to press the elevator buttons? Well, this elevator has the perfect solution for you. Instead of traditional buttons, these ones are placed near the floor so that people can select them with their shoes. Talking about elevators, this next picture will make you go “wow”.

9. Weather Warning

This cool elevator features an umbrella sign that lights up red when it’s raining outside. I think it’s safe to say that every elevator should install a weather gadget like this one. Get ready for the next invention because it’s going to blow your mind!

8. Dressing Room Invention

One of the most annoying things about trying on new clothes is sorting them out. Luckily, this shop found the perfect solution for this issue. I only wish other shops would install these cool hangers as well. Talking about things that make our lives easier, you won’t believe how cool the upcoming parking lot is.

7. Parking Lot Divider Lines

No one is ever going to scratch their cars anymore if every parking lot starts using these divider lines that are visible from inside the car. Do you love eating spicy food? Then make sure to stick around and see the next picture.

6. Adjustable Sauce Bottle

This is the hot sauce bottle that everyone wants! This bottle is perfect for family dinners where not everyone enjoys spicy food and they want their food to be a little more milder. Talking about awesome inventions, you won’t believe how much you are going to want the next product.

5. USB Flash Drive

Unlike normal USB drivers, people will always be able to tell how much free space they have left while using this one. I hate having to always plug my USB to see if it’s full or not and this special flash drive display would make my life so much easier.

4. Frosty Drink

The rail for this bar is covered in snow so that customers can keep their drinks cold as ice between sips. This is what I call true innovation! Now that winter is here, let’s hope more bars start using this cooling technique. Do you love going on picnics with your family? Then make sure to check out the following picture.

3. Picnic Table

This isn’t a simple picnic table. This is a multi-table! This cool invention features an adult’s table, a kid’s table and a high chair for babies! All that’s left is for you to cook a delicious meal.

2. Awesome Car Wash

Don’t you just dread having to wait while your car is being washed? The guys who own this car wash know that too well and that’s why they created this mini joystick which allows people to shoot soap at cars while they are waiting for theirs to be cleaned. You won’t believe how cool the upcoming picture is!

1. Measuring Jug

Pouring wine has never been easier! These special indicator lines make sure that no one ever spills liquids while pouring from one container to another ever again.