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Sick Woman Woke From A Coma With Strange Proof About The Afterlife

Sick Woman Woke From A Coma With Strange Proof About The Afterlife
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21. Yvonne’s Collapse And Visit To The Hospital

Yvonne’s Sklar was a middle-aged woman living peacefully with her family and kids. Our story begins when she suddenly started to experience flu-like symptoms like coughing, chest-pain and sore throat. She first assumed that she had just the flue and plain medication could help but after two weeks things started to become serious.

While Yvonne’s symptoms persisted she started to feel extremenly sick and exhausted and one day she collapsed in her home. It was obviously time to go to the hospital and seek medical care from the doctors there. Her visit to the hospital though held a big, terrifying surprise in store.

20. The Diagnosis

The bad news were harsh, Yvonne had walking pneumonia which is caused by lung infection and it’s not very serious but given her age it was a situation that wanted careful supervision and treatment. But then doctors discovered something that changed her life forever and it’s revealed in the next slide.


19. Blood Infection

Yvonne’s blood was infected by an unknown cause. Her situation seemed to be shocking and the future unforeseen as doctors kept delivering her bad news. Her reaction was extreme yet understandable.

18.Septic Shock

Yvonne couldn’t believe the recent news and feared for her life causing her mental health and her body to experience a big shock that could have ended her life right there. But her story doesn’t end here and what follows is extraordinarily interesting.

17. Her Only Hope

Out of the six lobes in her lungs, four of them were actually involved in the disease and her doctor realized that the only option for her to survive was to be put into a coma. Now Yvonne had take some life-changing decisions. Let’s she how she reacted.


16.Yvonne’s Decision

Of course Yvonne realized that an induced coma was her only hope. An induced coma is a coma that is brought on by a controlled dose of a drug, usually pentobarbital or thiopental.

15.Scary Thoughts

As expected Yvonne and her family was shocked and scary thoughts came into mind. Her being put into a coma was indeed her only hope to survive but what happens if she never woke up? Obviously that was the last thing she and those close to her wanted to hear!

14. The Coma

Yvonne was finally put into a coma after saying goodbye to her family and friends probably for the last time. Now she was completely in the hands of her doctor and the medical technology.


13.The Last Thoughts

“I didn’t think I would ever wake up!” Yvonne said tearfully and closed her eyes.

12.Yvonne’s religion

Yvonne was a religious person and realized that the only one that would help the doctors was god. What happened next was something that she couldn’t even remotely expect and it is presented in the next slides.

11. The Prayers

Yvonne’s friends and family kept coming everyday to visit her in the hospital as she laid there unconscious, praying as she asked them to. Little did they know that their prayers were heard.

10. God’s Visit

As it appeared god visited Yvonne while she was in a coma and showed some things that completely altered the way she viewed the world while giving her hope to fight.

9.God’s Message

She claimed that god also wanted to give her an important message that he wanted her to share with everyone she knew. What she claimed that god showed and told her is remarkable. Let’s find out below!

8.Vision of Heaven

She said that god took her to heaven when she walked by his side and talked. She also said that her vision was very vivid to be just a hallucination.


7. Heaven

She said that heaven was very different than she imagined it. Bright beyond any expectation and an underlining feeling of calmness and hope.


6. Stroll in Heaven

She said that when she left her body she was introduced to a place where nature’s presence was so charming, a beautiful field, and flowers that were so vibrant and alive.

5. God’s Presence and Words

She said that the presence of god and the feelings he evoked were beyond comprehension filled with love, light and purity. As mentioned before god wanted her to teach everyone the things he showed and told her. Would she be able to do it?


4. God’s Wish

As she revealed god told her to teach love and forgiveness and tell everyone that they can come to his side as they are as long as their hearts are filled with real love and purity.

3.Heaven’s Gate Is Open

He also told her that heaven’s gate is always open for those who believe and seek it.


2. Respect

Finally he said that he wanted people to be respectful to him and respect his laws as he respected and loved every and each on of them.

1. Yvonne Won!

Eventually Yvonne woke up! Doctors claimed that her recovery was some kind of a  miracle for someone in her condition. She won against the illness and became even more grateful and faithful appreciating her second chance in life and living happily ever after.


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