17. Behind Closed Doors

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Children who experience physical and or sexual abuse at the hands of their parents, grandparents or other family members are less likely to speak out against their attackers than if it were a stranger.

16. Rape Is A SERIOUS Accusation

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Meghan Morrison, now seventeen-years-old tore her family apart when she testified in court against her grandfather. Allegedly, he used to sexually assault her. It gets even worse!

15. A Troubled Girl

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Morrison alleged that her grandfather sexually assaulted her and even engaged in rape during the two-year span from when she was eight to ten years old. Imagine how that affects a child her age!

14. “I Felt Helpless”

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Morrison states that she did not tell anyone about the abuse because she feared she would not be believed. In all truth, it would be too hard to believe.

13. Silence Hurts More Than Noise

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Morrison states that her grandfather regularly threatened her during the years while the abuse occurred, telling her that she would rip apart the family because no one would believe her.

12. The Grandfather Denied All Accusations

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Morrison’s grandfather, Malcolm Harrison (74) was reportedly shocked by the accusations. However, his side did not look too convincing, keep reading to find out why!

11. The Consequences Of The Accusations!

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The family was understandably thrown into a state of shock. No one knew who to believe, as Meghan was an honest girl yet Harrison was also an outstanding member of the community, known for his service to the local school system.

10. A Torn Family

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“When Meghan came to me and told me what happened, I just broke down,” says her mother and Harrison’s youngest daughter, Petra Morrison (46.) “I love my daughter, and I support her in everything. I felt like I had to believe her. But at the same time, I know my father. He’s a good man, he wouldn’t have ever hurt Meg, ever.”

9. At Odds

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Meghan and her grandmother Vivienne Harrison (62) were always very close while she was growing up, yet the two became estranged after Meghan voiced her accusations. However, the trail of events that happened next certainly made her change her mind.

8. Trust Is Golden

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Vivienne Harrison rarely spoke to the press, yet in one rare instance, she broke down in tears when questioned by a local reporter, stating that she loved her granddaughter, but knew that “Malcolm would have never done those horrible things. He was my husband, he was a good man. He loved Meg and all his other grandchildren.”

7. Tragedy Was Around The Corner

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A few days after Megan’s accusations went public, Malcolm Harrison’s car was found engulfed in flames a few miles away from his home.

6. An Apparent Suicide

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Malcolm’s lifeless, burned body was found inside the vehicle. It’s as if he could not handle the burden of lying every time.

5. Killed Confirmed

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Authorities were able to determine that Malcolm had shot himself in the head immediately after setting the vehicle on fire. Why would he do such a thing? The answer was obvious.

4. The Truth Revealed?

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Meghan stood by her story all along and that did not change with her grandfather’s death. The truth was, in a weird way, indirectly revealed.

3. A Heartbreaking Letter

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Missing the company of her grandmother, Meghan reached out in the only way she knew how, by writing a letter to her grandmother. It’s contents will break your heart!

2. Please Don’t Hate Me

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In the letter, Meghan stated that she had been honest in all of her accusations, and begged for her grandmother’s forgiveness, pleading “please don’t hate me.”

1. The Answer

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In the weeks following Malcom Harrison’s tragic suicide, his widow has reportedly reached out to Meghan in an attempt to rekindle their bond. She neglected to comment on her late husband, stating simply that “Meghan is my granddaughter. No matter what, I will always love Meghan.”