The experience of raising children is vastly different for everyone and there never ceases to be amazing and adult-like things that children do (no matter how tiring it may get). It can be bothersome and it can be frustrating but, in the end parenting is both a gift and a blessing that no parent would ever want to give up. If you plan on becoming a parent, you’ll want to read #10 + #12, let us know if your parent’s have said the same things!

18. A not so fun thing


Hearing a child crying is a parent’s worst nightmare. Without seeing your child you could never know what happened to them or what they did. Did they break your family heirloom? Did they hurt themselves? Well, some parents find it quite entertaining trying to decipher the screams of their children.

17. When I was a kid


However, children screaming isn’t always because they are crying. Sometimes your child just likes to complain about just any old thing. The fact that they have to eat vegetables or that they had to watch whatever was on TV. But what’s worse, a child who complains or a child who is just brutally literal?

16. A way with words


Many parents understand the struggle of parenting a child who takes things too literal. Some parents have 6-year-old kids who are more clever than most adults, being able to work their way around chores by using their quick and witty rebuttals.

15. Getting dressed


What’s worse than a child with a sharp tongue? A child with a sharp tongue who also acts like an adult. Most children refuse to change out of their pajamas even after their parents are ready and dressed to go. However, some parents seem to have the roles reversed with their children. It’s better that the child understands what getting dressed means, rather than them thinking getting dressed means waiting for mom.

14. Getting dressed: wait for mom



It’s better that the child understands what getting dressed means, rather than them thinking getting dressed means standing around waiting for mom to dress you. However, if there is one thing children understand, that is food. Well, sometimes.

13. We all understand food



Children do act adult-like at times, even so much that parents can relate to them on an equal level. For example, children love naps, adults love naps, children are really lazy, adults are really lazy. Hey, children even think about food more than we do!

12. Brutally honest



Adults understand the meaning of being tactful. However, most children do not have such a filter to what they say. Children say it how it is, no matter how brutally honest it is, even calling out your own parent for being overweight. We can live with them being as savage as they are but, what if even your love was rejected by them?

11. Rejection


Children bring a ton of headache and frustration but, you can always find love and affection through them. Well, not all the time. Even children who are too young to spell can be busy enough to not show love to their parents. How busy could they be? Busy doing important things, like drawing.

10. Garbage art

Children learn much quicker than we give them credit for. You can see babies not even 1 year old giving high fives and recognizing danger. However, how many pre 1 year old babies can you say you’ve seen draw? Well, all of them can, it just isn’t the prettiest thing you’ve seen.

9. hide n’ seek scholarships?


Not everyone’s child can be good at learning quickly or be the next Picasso. Some children just need a little more time to figure out how chain link fences work when hiding. But, I mean hey, you can save their college fund to buy them an awesome car in high school.

8. Kids say she darnest things


It’s true, some children just aren’t suited for college. You raise them, you teach them, you try to mold them so that they will make you proud when they are adults. Sometimes, they try a little too hard to make you proud.

7. Kids really do say the darnest things



Children will say some of the most surprising things when they think they understand something. They use their problem-solving skills that you helped them develop to come to solid conclusions. Well, sometimes they just come up with a pretty solid insult too.

6. Children only have one set of feet



Sometimes children’s quickly thought remarks can hurt feelings, sometimes they can amaze you but, most of the time it is just plain funny. However, their astonishingly unique brains can do more than just say witty things. They can use their brain to help you around the house.

5. 6 hour laundry




As much of a headache children can cause, in the end they have innocent hearts. They just want to help you when you look like you’re working hard. For example, you need the laundry done? No worries, in 6 hours your child can find a good reason why the pants belong in the fridge.

4. There will be ducks!



Thinking laundry is edible isn’t the only quirky thing children do. They also love animals, such as ducks. And what is the best way to attract ducks? Scatter bread crumbs all over the house. 100% Child guaranteed to lure in ducks. And, if bread crumbs aren’t your thing, granola bars work just as well.

3. The mess you’ve made


Children all know that bread crumbs can attract ducks. However, this child was a revolutionary that developed a new way to attract animals to homes. Bread crumbs are a thing of the past, the new, best way to fill your home with lovable and touching animals: Crush, smear and, spread granola bars everywhere.

2. Parenting: being aware of what you’re doing 24/7



Children love learning, even if they say otherwise. You’ve always heard not to curse in front of children because they like to repeat what adults say. Well, this also applies to groans and moans. Next time you’re taking care of business while you’re in the bathroom, be aware your child is listening or you can hear some surprising Christmas wishes.

1. Kids ask the darnest things



What better way to end the article then with everyone’s favorite series: “Kids Say The Darnest Things.” However, I guess this should be titled “Kids ASK The Darnest Things.” For example, imagine your child asks you “what happens if your phone goes in the potty?” Even after asking and getting a “never mind” you already know the horrible atrocities that were committed in your bathroom.

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