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20 Creepy Cartoons Conspiracies That Will Shock You
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The Aladdin’s Genie

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Some say that Aladdin’s genie was not actually a genie, but the salesman from the same cartoon series. They do look the same, and they were both voiced by Robin Williams…

The Care Bears Conspiracy

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According to few online writers, The Care Bears are actually a representation of a Voodoo group. This is a far fetched theory, but these “writers” believe that Care Bears are actually CareFours, the district of Port Au Prince, which is also recognized as the heart of all things Voodoo.

Another Aladdin Conspiracy

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Some also believe that Aladdin was set in the distant future, a world where there will be hovercrafts and vehicles that are equivalent of a flying carpet.

Dr. Claw and Inspector Gadget Were The Same Person!

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According to some Reddit users, Dr. Claw is in fact Inspector Gadget, just an insane mutilated robot that was created by the arch villain himself. This is why he’s almost never able to catch the protagonist…

Tom and Jerry Conspiracy

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Conspiracy theorists and some insiders from MGM reportedly believe that Tom and Jerry were actually representations of World War 2 enemies. Jerry being the nice and friendly guy was the Allied forces and Tom was part of the greater forces at the time. In war time perception, some of their actions make sense, while others don’t. 

Charlie Brown is a Cancer Patient!

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What if they never told you that Charlie Brown was a cancer patient? The bald head is a tell, but conspiracy theorists claim that most of his life is just part of his imagination.

Ash Never Had Any Powers or Poke’ Characters

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Some say that Ash is just in a state of induced comma and all the Pokemon creatures are his imagination. 

Captain Planet Conspiracy

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This is perhaps true to a great extent when we compare the teenagers from Captain Planet to the characters from The Magic Schoolbus. Theorists believe that Gaia just brainwashed them and instilled their love for earth for future purpose!

Wall-E: Destroyer of the Worlds!

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Yes, that’s right. Some people think that WALL-E’s purpose of existence was to destroy the planet earth. 

More Conspiracy Theories about Fairly Oddparents

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Some also say that the kid imagined these fairies because he was bullied at school and feels insecure all the time. Therefore, he created his own little world where he can feel happy all the time.

Totoro is the Grim Reaper

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And the fact that the sisters never cast any shadow makes it all the more weird.

Toy Story Conspiracy

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This conspiracy theory spreads over all installments of the Toy Story movie series. Jordan Hoffman at Ugo thinks that it is all a famous allegory and some of the key points in the movie are actually a reference to a speech made in one of Roman Polanski’s films (* The Pianist). Woody stands up and says, “No, we won’t just be abandoned. Surely, we can be useful to them somehow. Yes, we have lost friends but that can’t happen to us!”

The Rugrats Conspiracy

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It is more like a mix of different theories. It says that Chuckie passed away a long time ago, Tommy was a stillborn and Chaz is a nervous individual who can’t decide anything for himself.

Spongebob Lives Under Bikini Atoll!

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This theory does make sense because Spongebob was created by an Ex Marine Biologist. He says that Spongebob and his friends were mutilated due to radiation poisoning and nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll. The fact that the place where Spongebob lives is called Bikini Bottom, makes it all the more plausible.

Hey Arnold’s Character is Suffering From Physical Deformity???

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Yes, and some people also wrote on the internet that the character’s real parents are his own grandparents. Does that even make sense? 

The Villains from Scooby Doo were Normal People Once…

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The villains were respected workers, businessmen, university professors who had to take up a life of crime after the great economic depression.

The Flintstones’ Conspiracy

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If we think of it this way that Flintstones actually pointed to a post apocalyptic world, how would that make you feel? Given the fact that these series were aired between 1960 – 1966, all that time when the Cold War was at its highest rate. What if there was a nuclear disaster and the world ended up as how they showed in The Flintstones?

Ed, Edd and Eddy Theory


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That they are the same person and they are a part of someone’s imagination, which makes it all the more weird…

Courage the Cowardly Dog is Actually Delusional

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It seems that conspiracy theorists got the better of us when they said that Courage never left his house. He only knows his two owners who are not rich enough to provide the dog with proper things worthy of his life standard. Therefore, everyone he views is perceived by the dog as cruel and villainous.

Dexter was a Reserved Kid!

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Some say that Dexter never had a lab; he imagined it all up. He was bullied at school, which is true as seen in various episodes of the cartoon series. However, Dexter had few friends who were also quite imaginative, and they all made up stuff in their heads.

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