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The Most Important Places In The World That Are Hidden From The Public

The Most Important Places In The World That Are Hidden From The Public
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No one likes being told what to do and this is why forbidden places are so interesting. While some people might enjoy going on a beach vacation and getting a sun tan, others are more attracted to forbidden places. The world holds many secrets that we have yet to unravel and that’s only because they are being protected by the authorities. I am talking about the locations where tourists aren’t allowed to visit.

The interesting thing about forbidden places is that there isn’t that much information on what’s going on in there. This leads to people starting rumors and myths which make traveling to those locations seem like an adventure. Here are 25 places that you’ll never get to see because the public is not allowed to visit them.

Heard Island Volcano, Australia

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This location is home to 41 glaciers and it’s filled with seals and penguins. The reason why no one is allowed to visit it is that in the center you can find an active volcano. In addition, scientists are claiming that lava is actually spouting out of the volcano which makes it highly dangerous.

Club 33 at Disneyworld

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Club 33 is a secret Disneyland place that has a waiting list of over 14 years. To make things even better, people have to pay 40,000 dollars in order to get on the waiting list.

The Vault of Coca Cola

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This vault is packed with guards that won’t let anyone in and the reason behind it is that it holds the secret recipe to make Coca Cola.


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Mezhgorye is a small city that’s located in Russia and it is said to be the place where the workers of Mount Yamantaw live. Additionally, Mount Yamantaw is a mountain that’s believed to be the place where Russia hides a lot of secrets.

Vatican Secret Archives

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The only ones who are allowed in this place are the Vatican’s personal library men. What’s interesting about this location is that it is said to hold secret books such as Leonardo Davinci’s journals and other banned scientific documents. 

Lascaux Caves in Southwest France

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The French government decided to ban tourists from visiting this place because the amount of CO2 they were exhaling was hurting the 20,000 years old paintings.

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

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This island is the home for the Sentinelese tribe and they are not friendly at all. Numerous foreign ambassadors tried talking to them but the tribesmen didn’t listen at all.

Area 51

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This is an infamous American military base and conspiracy theories are saying that this place holds aliens. This place is actually used for aircraft tests but what’s interesting about it is that the US Government doesn’t admit it.

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia

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Religious people believe that this is the place where the “Ten Commandments” are being kept and no one is allowed to visit it.

Google Data Center

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This is one of the most secure locations on Earth. The reason why Google doesn’t allow anyone to visit this place is that it holds a lot of internet data.

Royal Air Force Station Menwith Hill

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This restricted military base is believed to be the place where the US Government spies on everyone. However, this hasn’t been proven to be true.

Bohemian Grove

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The Bohemian Grove is a secret place where some of the world’s richest men meet up once a year to talk to each other. Only Bohemian club members are allowed here.

Pine Gap

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This military base is located in Australia and Edwards Snowed claims that it’s one of the bases that the government uses to spy on people.

Moscow, Metro 2

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Rumor has it that Joseph Stalin was so paranoid that he built a special metro line to make it easier for him to travel around Moscow. However, no one knows where the entrance to this place actually is.

Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory

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This island holds a special military base and the UK Government doesn’t allow anyone to get on it. No one knows what this base’s purpose is.

Mount Weather

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Mount Weather is a really cool facility where the government intends to house every important military member such as the President and high-level Generals in the case of an emergency.

Room 39

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Room 39 is a secret location in North Korea where no one that doesn’t have high clearance is allowed. People believe that room 39 is the place where North Korea does economical activities.

Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion

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This church is said to contain some of the world’s most secret religious items and no one is allowed inside it. The only people who get to lay their eyes on those secret items are virgin monks who vowed to live by the words of the Bible.

Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

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The only people who are allowed to enter this shrine are the high priests and priestesses of the royal family. This tradition has been going from 4 BC.

White’s Gentleman Club, England

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This is a special gentleman’s club that holds secret events for members of the royal family and other powerful politicians.

Surtsey, Iceland

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This is one of the world’s youngest places and it was wiped clean back in the 1960s. However, now it holds the place for life once again and only a couple of scientists have been allowed to visit it.

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China

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This location is the place where China’s first Emperor put his Terracotta Army and the Chinese Government doesn’t allow anyone to visit because these statues are really sensitive.

Fort Knox, Kentucky

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Fort Knox is the most secure military base in the world and that’s because it holds the US’s gold reserve. A fun fact about Fort Knox is that there are 30,000 soldiers guarding it at any time.

Svalbard Seed Vault

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Scientists have stored seeds for every plant and fruit known to man in this bunker. This is a measure of protection in case of a huge environmental disaster.

Bank of England Vaults, London

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Just so you can get an idea of how secure this place is, you should know that it can only be opened with a 90 cm long key!


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