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Things From Your House That You Usually Forget To Clean
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When it comes to cleaning we all miss a few spots. We can’t help it because of the routine of vacuuming, wiping counters, cleaning the floors, doing the laundry, dishes, scrubbing the bathtub etc. We forget small places or items that require our attention too, because they may gather mold, bacteria, dust or germs. We made a list to help you remember what else to rub when you’re in a cleaning frenzy.

Dish Rack

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If you want your dishes and cutlery to stay clean then you should keep the dish rack clean as well. Clean underneath it and wash it weekly with hot water and soap.

The Kitchen Knife Block

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To keep the block clean, you should dip it into water with a tablespoon of bleach for a few seconds and rinse it. This way your knives will also be clean.

The Couch

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Remember that the couch is a place where a lot of people sit. So once in a while, you should clean it with some baking soda and let it sit for 20 minutes before you vacuum it. The baking soda is great for absorbing oils, stains and smells.

The Coffee Maker

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The part that you fill with water will gather a lot of hard minerals and will damage the normal dripping. Use vinegar, water and baking soda in a coffee filter, run the machine for half the quantity and let it sit for half an hour before finishing the entire cycle. Run it twice with normal water to get rid of the smell and taste.

Remotes, Controllers & Keyboards

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Although we touch the remote control pretty often, we always forget to clean it. It’s usually covered in germs that can easily be removed by disinfecting it with rubbing alcohol, some Q-Tips and a cloth.

Car Steering Wheel

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Not only your household can gather germs but also your car. Use a cloth or paper towel and some all-purpose disinfectant to clean the interior, focusing on what you usually touch: the car steering wheel, light switch, buttons, the gearshift and so on.

Door Knobs, Door Locks & Light Switches

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Use a cleaning spray to keep the door knobs germ free and don’t forget to also wipe the light switches.

Heating Vents

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They may be hard to reach but try and soak a cloth with an all purpose cleaner, place it over a butter knife and stick it in, rubbing left and right until it’s all clean.

The Washing Machine

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Detergent and hard minerals always get built up inside your washing machine. Here’s an easy way of getting it cleaned: pour two cups of vinegar and run your washing machine with detergent.

Trash Cans

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Nobody really wants to touch them, but you can easily deal with it by filling it with water and bleach before rinsing. Spray some all purpose cleaner and it will also keep it fresh.

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You want to believe that the bathroom is not dirty, but it is the germiest place in your home. You should take care of your toothbrush holder and clean it with hot water or some mouthwash.

The Bathroom Drain

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You’ll notice that the water in your tub takes too much time to drain. It’s because you haven’t cleaned it in a while. Use vinegar, baking soda and a screwdriver. Remove the plug, pour baking soda into the drain and then the vinegar until it bubbles out. Let it sit for 15 minutes and pour hot water over it. It will not only clean but also disinfect the drain.

Light fixtures

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A lot of tiny bugs are attracted to your light bulbs. You can remove bugs and dust by wiping the lights with a cloth dampened in alcohol.

Duvets and Pillows

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If your duvets are not too big or too sensitive then put them in your washing machine with a mild detergent and double the rinse cycle. Check labels for both duvets and pillows, since they tell you the right temperature. If you own pillows with natural filling, consider going to a dry cleaner or wash them by hand in warm soapy water.

Cutting Board

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Anything that comes in contact with food should be cleaned with food-safe products. Use vinegar, rosemary oil and raw Tung oil, rub the boards with this tonic and they will be sanitized.

Clean Your Walls

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Remember when you dust your flat surfaces to take a look at the walls too because sometimes they need to be cleaned. Use a duster or the bristle brush and your vacuum to get rid of dusty walls. If you find some dirty areas, sponge them with warm water and a mild dish washing liquid. Test the wall first to prevent streaking.


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Always wash your mops after you cleaned the house and let them dry well. You don’t want them to be smelly and full of germs the next time you use them. You can put them in the washing machine, in a short gentle cycle for a thorough cleaning.

Clean Your Laptops & Computers

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Since electrical devices generate static and attract dust, it’s better to clean them weekly. Use a gentle duster and don’t forget to turn them off before you start the cleaning. For monitors use cleaning wipes or distilled water and a clean microfiber cloth. For your keyboard use some compressed air to blow out the dust.


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You don’t want dust and allergens in your curtains so you should wash or vacuum them regularly to keep your house clean. You can also use a fabric steamer but make sure to read the label and see if it’s recommended or not.

Grocery Bags

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If you like to have reusable grocery bags, know that they may gather germs, get moldy or infested with bacteria and yeast. Use disinfectant cloths to wipe them or put them into the washing machine. Discard those which are too dirty or worn.

Loofahs & Sponges

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If you don’t wash your sponges by hand, you can put them in the dish washer or soak them in cleaning solution.

Shower Heads & Faucets

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Faucets get stained or clogged because of all those mineral deposits and you should clean them from time to time to keep a steady pressure and a nice aspect. Rub them with cleaning solutions for aluminium or white vinegar and hot water.

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