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Dog lovers unite! It’s time we take a look at the cuteness stages that every puppy goes through. There’s nothing more heart warming than seeing just how much your pup has changed over the course of a few months. Now imagine amplifying that by looking at an entire collection of pups that have grown up. People from all around have submitted their own photos captioning their pups age and how much they’ve changed. Be prepared to d’aw nonstop.

6 Month Difference

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This adorable pup turned into an even more beautiful adult dog. Just take a look at that gorgeous fur!

Hold Me Up

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The first photo is the pup at 9 weeks and the last photo is at 21 weeks. It seems that this pup only gets cuter as the weeks pass.

Getting Older

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Six months later and this pup still happens to have some of the cutest ears ever!

Happy Ears

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A handsome pup named Soren turned into a handsome dog. Fortunately for all of us, the adorable bunny ears stayed throughout the months.


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This regal dog started off as a pudgy little nugget and we couldn’t be more in love with both versions. There’s just no way to look away from a beautiful black labrador.

Saki the Shiba

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This fluffy shiba has only continued to become fluffier and cuter after 6 months had gone by.

Floppy Ears

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There’s just something so irresistibly cute about a dog with big floppy ears. This one looks like she’d make the perfect cuddle buddy.


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Once a sleepy pup, always a sleepy pup. At least you know you can count on this one to be your companion in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

The Fluff Legacy Continues

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You know your puppy is going to turn out gorgeous when he looks like a stuffed plush doll as a puppy.

Play Fetch

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Mochi was obviously sent to us from puppy heaven to admire her for her fluffy ways and adorable folded ears.

Same Position

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One year later and this doggy has claimed the sparkly pillow as their own. The amount cuteness present here is too much to handle.

Blue Eyed Beauty

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From 3 months to 7 years old, this gorgeous dog is a sight to see!

Innocent Gaze

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This cutie has us d’awing at both before and after pic. Just look at those eyes and that fluffy tail.

Groomed and Bow-Tied

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This little puppy is all grown up and ready to head out to his first job interview. We bet he’ll blow them all away with his charming looks.

Constantly Growing

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This is Spurga and she is absolutely adorable in all photos. She started off as a ball of adorable and cuddly fluff and ended up a beautiful lady.

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