As a parent, you want to raise an intelligent, independent, and kind teenager. There are plenty of ways to help with this, including teaching respect and encouraging hobbies. Sometimes, though, it is a single piece of advice that completely changes your perspective. If you want to help your teen succeed in life, here are some pieces of advice to share with them.

Put Your Mental Health First

School often does not teach kids that their mental health and mental capacity are more important than good grades. While skipping school because of a small amount of stress is not encouraged, taking time to yourself when you feel overwhelmed is.

If your teen suffers from depression, you can help them overcome depression by seeking the right treatments and letting them know you are there for them. They can always catch up on their studies – mental health should be put first.

Only Compete with Yourself

Unless you are talking directly about competitions, competing with others will only result in stress and self-confidence issues. Letting your teen know early on that they do not need to compare their body, grades, and talents with others will help them focus on their own growth rather than other people’s. This is especially true with social media, as a lot of what is portrayed there is not even close to real life!

A Good Skincare Routine Beats Heavy Makeup

If your child is into makeup – great! You should always encourage them to pursue hobbies they love. If they are using too much makeup to cover acne, though, gently encourage them to focus more on skincare than multiple layers of foundation or concealer.

Appreciate Your Body

Teenage years are arguably the worst when it comes to body confidence. It is the time when the body starts changing – girls grow breasts, boys’ voices deepen, and acne appears without warning. Coincide this with the ever-changing ideals of bodies in magazines and on social media, and you have a recipe for low self-confidence. Instead of teaching your teen to change their appearance based on the current beauty standard, tell them how amazing and hard-working their body is and that it is important to appreciate it.

Relationships Do not Always Last – and That is OK

Teenagers often believe that the friends and partners they have while at school will be with them for life. While this might be true, it is also important to teach them that not all relationships – friendships or otherwise – are made to last, and that is OK. You will watch your teen go through their first heartbreak, so let them know that they will meet hundreds of more people in their lifetime and that it is OK to appreciate the relationship you had while accepting that it is over.

Enjoy Your Youth

This one often goes over the heads of the youth, but it is incredibly important. Your teen might think they will be young forever, but the fact is, they will grow older just like you and your parents did. So, remind them to enjoy being young while they can and to cherish every single moment.