Have you recently visited a friend who has the most royal and gorgeous home ever? Do you wish to decorate your home in a similar, or maybe a little more royal manner? If yes, then stay put! As we will help you with some useful royal-themed ideas to transform your home into an imperial paradise.

Royal-themed homes have recently become popular for their lavish and luxurious characteristics. The silky curtains with grand furniture and extravagant decoratives aren’t worth a miss, after all! Besides the basic things like walls and floors, there are ways various smart ways through which you can add a touch of royalty to your home.

Wondering which ones? Here’s what we are talking about:

Peacock Wall Art

A Peacock symbolizes royalty, charm, and the desire to get everything fascinating in life. That’s why it’s worth starting off your royal home decor with these trending peacock wall arts. Peacock wall arts add a splash of colors and grace to your space. It’s worth adding them to the living room as they instantly grab your attention as you enter!

You can either go for a full-fledged peacock as a wall art or just its feathers, like in the example below.

Besides that, you can also choose other colors beyond the standard peacock shades i.e. green, purple, turquoise, or deep royal blue.

Make sure to get a large wall art if you have a large living room and a moderate one if you have a small/moderate living room. Also, place it in the centre of the wall to add more appeal to the room.

Royal Dining Sets

A royal home is incomplete without royal dining sets designed with unique motifs. While getting a dining set for your royal-themed house, make sure that it’s a traditional style dining set with a dining table, eight side chairs, and beautiful floral fabrics.

Although you can select the color for the dining set as per the wall shades, we recommend choosing subtle yet royal colors like golden, white gold, dark blue, or peach. Additionally, make sure to look for other characteristics like soft edges, strong back, and cushion chairs, to buy the best dining set for long-term use.


A royal house should have exquisite chandeliers right above the main seating of the living room. It should be designed with stylish patterns with glass light shades and a metal base, just like the picture below.

If you have a large room, make sure to get chandeliers with several lights, say 55+. On the other hand, if your room area is small, just a few lights would be enough. As you are decorating a royal home, ensure that the chandelier body is gold-colored and the all-over lights are multi-colored.


The idea of a royal house resembles a palace, and what’s a palace without large mirrors? Nothing! So, try and add mirrors of different shapes (circular, square, or rectangular) and sizes throughout your place.

You can also add a large round mirror with regal edges near the staircase areas. Mirrors enhance the room lighting and add good energy to your room. So, you shouldn’t miss this one!

Royal Carpets

Lastly, if you want to add a little of an “Alladin” like feel to your home, go for royal carpets! A royal carpet offers versatility, comfort, and warmth to your house. It has attractive designs with alluring color blends like dark green or red, which is perfect for a royal home.

We recommend covering your entire house with royal carpets for a charming effect. Also, look for its quality and maintenance as you would place heavy furniture on top of it!


That’s it! Hopefully, these ideas will help you decorate the perfect royalty-themed home for yourself. To make your house even more attractive, we recommend including some antiques in your living rooms for their vintage yet grand qualities. The combination of the above ideas with antiques would make great decor overall!