If you are a horse lover, you likely want to have an equestrian style in the interiors. Unfortunately, most people think that horse-themed décor means the trend of riding boots or a barn. But it is more than that.

You can incorporate a modern equestrian touch into your home with different styles or tastes. So, follow the horse-themed decor ideas below to save the traditional tweed:

Color Scheme


Wall color for horse-themed décor should be common shades of horses. So you can paint the room walls with darker shades like brown, black, red, or mahogany. Or use lighter shades such as white, cream, ivory, or gray to incorporate equestrian style.

While choosing colors, think about the location’s temperature where you are residing. For example, if you live in warm areas, then try to choose light colors. However, in chilly weather, you can go for dark shades.

You can also paint walls by making color combinations. So, create an accent wall with one color and other shades on the rest of the room’s walls. It will give a dramatic and outstanding look to your room.

Similarly, use the most catchy color or shade for a single wall on other accents like door trim, mantels, windows, cabinets, etc. Moreover, to add pattern, you can also dress up the walls with wallpaper.

Statement Art

Flying Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


No other item can grab one’s attention, like an oversized wall art of a beautiful horse. It is a simple but elegant way to capture the essence of these equine species.

Wall art with the combination of contemporary and modern touches will beautifully add an equestrian flair. You can also get smaller sized horse prints online if you want to create a magnificent gallery wall.

These horse wall paintings will add beauty and breathtaking spirit to your interiors. You can get attached to the animal kingdom even if you are not at a barn.

Nowadays, a three-colored horse painting with white is highly in demand. It makes a beautiful show-stopping piece at your home and can make an exciting talking point when displayed on the walls.

Be Creative with Snaffle Bits

Generally, people use snaffle bits for riding purposes. But, be a bit creative while decorating a room in an equestrian style. For example, when you hang curtains, use a snaffle bit as a tie back.

It can be a unique décor element in horse-themed décor. You can also use old horse bits to create fascinating wall art. For example, hang two snaffle bits on a board and get it framed. It will give a vintage look.

You can also use bits as basket hanging holders. Sometimes, you hang baskets with indoor plants in them to add greenery to the interiors. So, why not give them a chic look by hanging them with snaffle bits.

If you coat bits with brass, then it will not rust. These DIY décor items provide a great look to your interiors.

Horse-Inspired Furniture

Furniture can be of metal or wood, as per your preferences. These two materials together have a rustic charm. So, place furniture in combination with these two elements for an equestrian style look in a home.

You can also get furniture or décor items like lamps, chairs, drawers, and other items customized with wooden horses carved on them. These will create unique decorative pieces.

Decoration with Stetsons

Stetsons are basically cowboys hunting hats. Mainly, with time, your Stetsons get wear and tear. So, do not throw or dispose of them. Instead, you can use these cowboy hats as décor items. Collect them for decoration purposes.

Place the Stetsons on the wooden shelf as display elements to give a chic look to equestrian décor. It is a unique and quirky decoration style but looks great once tried.

Horse-Themed Table Covers or Rugs

You all welcome the guests with elegant mats at the entrance. Then why not give it a chic look by customizing it with horse pictures. It is a perfect way to add an equestrian touch to the interiors.

You can also get customized table covers with horse pictures or cowboys riding horses images. Feature vibrant colors to give a significant and rustic look.

Head Sculptures

When you think about the equestrian décor, horses instantly click to your mind. So, decorate the walls of a room with horse head sculptures. You can showcase a horse head of any color, but it would be best to use brown.

A brown color horse sculpture gives a classic look to the interiors. You can also show affection towards horses in the form of wooden sculptures. You can get a carved statue of a horse-human head.

These décor items add a chic and magical touch to your interiors.

Bonus Tips

Try to put horse-shaped trophies, rustic picture frames, horse trinkets, and other décor items together on open shelves. These will create a unique yet eye-catching décor.