We’ll tell you how to decorate your summer cottage without spending too much. You don’t want to spend all the money you’ve been saving for so long after you stumble upon a suggestion that you can 22Bet app free download, do you?

The cottage is the perfect place to experiment and even more so for a springtime update. If you’re tired of coming to the same environment every season – update the interior. You can make your home cozy and comfortable to live and relax in without spending a lot of money.

We will tell you how to update the interior of the cottage on a budget.


The freshness and spring mood of the interior will give pillowcases for pillows, mats, mats, plaids. With textiles, you can maintain a certain unified style, and light shades will give the space a cozy feeling.

We advise you to refuse dark curtains and leave the windows as open as possible. You can hang light tulle to create coziness. Add warm shades to the fabrics, it can be decorative pillows, curtains, and more.

The Decor

Completeness and completeness of the interior of any room are given by details and decorative elements. In order for them to appear, it is not necessary to run to the store. It’s worth looking into the attic or pantry – perhaps there are old things, toys, baskets, panels lying around. Update them a little, and you can get an original dĂ©cor to decorate the cottage.

As for decorations, woven baskets and rugs, dried flowers from the last harvest, garlands, lace napkins and tablecloths, palas and openwork curtains would fit perfectly into your dacha interior. As an option, you can interestingly organize the windowsill sprouts. On the walls, place bright posters and paintings, which will also create a warm spring atmosphere.


The interior of the house depends on the desire (or reluctance) to return there again and again. The most budgetary materials for wall cladding – wallpaper, paint, battens. If the house is wallpapered, you can use special paint for all kinds of wallpaper to quickly and easily freshen up the interior. If the walls are lined with clapboard – you can repaint the boards.


In order not to buy new furniture, you can try to give a second life to the old one. Of course, if it can not be restored, it is better to throw it out, and only keep the really cherished items. It is better to turn them into something vintage by changing the upholstery, strengthening the frame, and painting the wooden surfaces.

Now the trend is for conscious consumption, so instead of buying new furniture, it is better to repaint the old or change the upholstery of chairs, chairs, sofas. Using vintage furnishings combined with ultra-modern materials will fill the space with a fresh vision with a pleasant patina of the past.

Lighting, Garden Furniture

It is very important to take care of the lighting inside the house and on the site. For this purpose, garden lights or LED garlands are used. In the yard, you can place garden furniture in bright colors, so that the spring mood goes outside the house.

You need to think about lighting as well. Buy a floor lamp or table lamp and you’ll have different lighting options for any weather. Any style of the garden (from landscape to regular) perfectly combines with garden furniture in unexpected rich colors, such as pink, blue, or bright yellow. And well-chosen illumination and lighting allow enjoying nature in the evening time as well.