The recreation area is an important part of every apartment or house. It doesn’t have to necessarily be large and accommodate a whole football team. The main thing is that you allocate a special space for it, even a small, yet cozy one.

Some would say one can also relax in their bedroom, and they would be partly right. Still, such leisure is way too relaxing: the temptation to lie in bed and not get up until the winter sunset and the desire to not do anything at all may overwhelm you. That is why a separate recreation area is indispensable.

Most often, the place where families choose to set up their recreation area is organized is the living room, in private houses it could also be a terrace. At the same time, few people think that a cozy corner for relaxation and communication can be made on the balcony, in the bedroom, study, winter garden, or, in the absence of extra square meters, even in the corridor.

It is good if you have the opportunity to allocate space for active recreation at home and place a cinema or billiard room. If there is no separate room for all the fun stuff, this is not a reason to give up. A billiard table can be placed in a library, study or living room, and a home theater can be built using a projector and a retractable screen in a simple living room. What else can you do and what factors need to be taken into consideration?

If we talk about the living room, then there may be options of setting up this room. You can organize the space in such a way that the recreation area would become the center of the room and attract all the attention. Or you can split it into several small areas, for example:

– for TV watching,

– for tea drinking by the window or fireplace,

– for receiving guests at the table.

Decide on the type of recreation

Before arranging a recreation area in your leisure zone, you need to think in advance about where and what you will do. If you like to read, equip a corner in the living room where it will be convenient to sit down with a book. Place a floor lamp or sconce with good lighting next to the chair. Since not all luminaires are intended for reading, check with the manufacturer in advance. Place a bookcase next to this corner and create an appropriate cozy atmosphere.

If you are a game console lover, equip a part of your relaxation area with HDMI sockets so you don’t have to run wires across the room. You will be able to connect the set-top box where you sit: the signal will reach the TV through the wires that are hidden in the walls.

Calculate the number of people. The recreation area largely depends on the number of people and what they plan on doing there.

Many of us love to get together with friends, arrange gatherings, play games. It is worth considering that the table next to the sofa is of sufficient size. Guests may also need additional space, for example, ottomans, which can then be removed to the pantry.

Think about the hobbies

For those who spend their leisure time knitting, sewing and so on, it would be a good idea to set a small home workplace in their leisure area. You can place a table, but it doesn’t have to be large. For other types of needlework, a spacious work surface is not needed at all. You can place a small boudoir table on which you’ll keep the necessary items or a storage system for small stuff. By the way, the arrangement of such a zone for creativity can be quite a pleasant pastime by itself.

Get by with little money

If the living room does not allow you to equip a separate space for relaxation, place an armchair or console table in the bedroom. To avoid being in bed all day, set aside at least a small additional seating area.

To find some furniture pieces for the very pleasant price you can go to that provides a wide assortment of the furnishings.

If you are the lucky owner of a wide windowsill, build a place to relax on it. The main thing is that the window would still be located at a convenient height: one meter from the floor is already high enough, therefore, steps might be needed for children to climb to the window. Chest steps can also provide storage space.

Make the space mobile

We all have different concepts of what relaxation is, and this is natural. If people with different interests rest in one place, it is desirable that the place be transformable. Moreover, the larger the family, the more mobile the space should be. Use different lighting options: a large chandelier for parties, more chamber lighting for reading. If one of the family members wants to be in solitude, you can create a small area, fenced off by a screen or curtain, which will quickly divide the space.

Set up a corner for children

A recreation area for children should look unusual. The Scandinavian style is especially rich in interesting solutions for children. This can be a large soft chair with a railing or a tiny sofa that is completely at the disposal of the child. Depending on what the child will be doing there, surround the sofa with shelves of books or toys. A good solution would be a wigwam, which will also provide an opportunity to retire from the rest of the world.

In order to somehow delimit the space of a room, use zoning techniques that will help to streamline the interior without erecting unnecessary partitions and structures.

In the end, it is only up to you to decide whether this is a place of personal privacy, romantic evenings for two or get-togethers with the whole family.