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Death in Police Custody

Dying in the hands of cops is a terrifying way to go. But what if you’re just sitting in a jail cell, waiting for what’s next, not knowing that only way you’ll be going home is inside a body bag?

Sandra Bland

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Sandra Bland’s case was iconic because there were numerous rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding her case, which includes the story that she was actually dead when her mugshot was taken.

Freddie Gray

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Gray fell into a coma while being transported in a police van. He had injuries to his spinal cord which resulted from a brutal beating by cops.

Michael Tyree

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Tyree was a mentally ill man who, instead of being pacified, was beaten to death and had 34 separate injuries on his body when he was autopsied.

Elliot Williams

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Williams was a US Army veteran who was left to die on the floor of a jail cell dehydrated and with a broken neck.

Ricardo Alfonso Cerna

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While this may not be caused by a cop, it still counts as it’s so surprising that an arrested individual was able to smuggle a gun inside a jail and end up shooting himself with it.

Missouri State Penitentiary riot

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In prisons, it’s not surprising that riots occur. However, it’s shocking when the people who are supposed to pacify the inmates end up killing them instead for their own fun.

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot

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33 inmates died while in custody of the BoC during the riot.

Nagem Hatab

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Hatab was an Iraqi soldier who was killed in US custody. He succumed to a heart attack and exposure from elements.

Abu Ghraib

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Abu Ghraid is a notorious US military prison known for  having a mass grave in the vicinity.

Jamal Naseer

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Naseer is an Afghan soldier who was beaten to death by US forces. He was only supposed to be detained for a few days but ended up dying in their custody.

Jamycheal Mitchell

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Mitchell died when he was jailed for stealing $5 worth of snacks. He was there for months, waiting for a bed to open but was found dead in his cell.

Mark Goodrum

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Goodrum was a stroke victim who was arrested for smoking pot. He ended up dying inside his jail cell because he didn’t have $100 for bail.

Kelly Brinson

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Brinson was shocked with a taser 3 times and was shackled before succumbing to cardiac arrest while in police custody.

Michael Robinson

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Robinson was diabetic and needed his medication, but he was detained in a jail cell. He asked for help, but cops ignored his pleas, which led to his death.

Kindra Chapman

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As with Sandra Bland’s death, Kindra Chapman’s death caused outrage, especially with her family who believed that she will never commit suicide because of her personality. However, Chapman was found hanging inside her jail cell, and in mysterious circumstances.

Derek Williams

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Williams was riding in the back of a police car when he told officers that he couldn’t breathe. Instead of taking him to a hospital, they responded by rubbing his chest and opening the car windows, until he lost consciousness and died.

David Stojcevski

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Stojcevski was arrested on a traffic ticket. However, when he was detained, cops refused to give him clothing and even tortured him. After 17 days of his ordeal, he had lost 50 pounds and died in the cell.

Madison Jensen

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Jensen died from dehydration after cops refused to give her medical attention while detained. She had diarrhea and couldn’t stop vomiting.

Tyler Tabor

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Tabor asked for an IV while he was in police custody. However, 3 days after being detained, he was dead from dehydration thanks to cops.

Natasha McKenna

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McKenna had schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. So, when 6 officers tried to restrain her, she struggled hard. They resorted by tasering her, which killed her.

Martin Anderson

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Anderson was a 14-year old juvenile delinquent who died of fatigue while inside a boot camp-style youth detention center

James Chasse

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Chasse was a schizophrenic who was beaten to death by officers after he refused to comply to their demands while in their custody.

Carol Gotbaum

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Gotbaum was an irate traveller who was arrested by airport police. They handcuffed her to a bench in a holding cell, where they left her screaming for a while. When she stopped, they found her dead. Up to this day, no one knows what really happened to Carol Gotbaum.

Michael Stewart

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Stewart was a graffiti artist who was arrested in NYC for vandalism. It was discovered that he had multiple facial bruises and abrasions and he had died of cardiac arrest while in custody.

Joe Campos Torres

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Torres was a Vietnam veteran who was beaten to death by Houston cops for disorderly conduct.

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