So you’re pregnant – you gotten this far! You’ve been eating healthy, getting prenatal checkups regularly, and engaging in some b*** busting exercise that’s appropriate for mother’s to be. However, you’ve only taken care of so much! Expectant mothers have a lot of things to put into consideration before baby arrives on the scene. Preparing for baby’s arrival will help you get your ducks in a row before having your attention preoccupied with diaper changes and feeding times. It may seem soon, but thinking about future childcare places is important to consider even before baby is born! If you happen to reside in an area with too few childcare centers, and an abundant amount of new families, you may find yourself in a sticky situation. Figuring out ahead of time when the openings occur in childcare centers as well as possibly putting your name on a future list will help you be prepared for the future and save you any possible headaches!

Around the second trimester you’ll also want to begin your baby registry! Yay! Pick out your favorite baby store and eye all the items you’ll be wanting! The second trimester is ideal because you are still able to move around without too much hassle and will not be as fatigued as your third trimester. Making sure you gather everything you need for baby ahead of time will ensure a steady transition into motherhood. Around the third trimester you’ll want to be sure of what you will be naming the baby. Many couples decide on names right from the beginning, while some have difficulty choosing right up onto the end. Making sure you and your partner both agree on a name and have one selected before the birth of the baby is important in order to save you the trouble of picking one out last minute that you may be unsure of. Take the time out to list your top five or ten together and begin to narrow it down until you’ve gotten to the winner!

Making sure to be completely prepared for baby’s arrival is crucial to the start of parenthood. Being sure you have the name selected, all of the essentials tucked safely away in the baby’s room like diapers and bibs, and childcare places set out will help you in the long run!