Are you on a tight budget? Don’t have enough to pay your rent? Or just need some extra cash for a weekend trip? Then you will want to hear what I have to say about apps that will make you money. The very notion of apps that make you money could seem like a scam, but these apps do exist and work. Although there are scammers out there, I have reviewed a huge number of apps that legitimately earn you good money.
 Slidejoy (Android)

Slidejoy puts adds on your phone’s lock screen, which you are paid to watch. Here’s how it works. The add appears on the screen. Sliding to the left of the ad takes you to the advertiser’s site. Sliding right dismisses the ad.  Which advertisers use Slidejoy? Sephora,, Best Buy, Target, J. Crew, and Macy’s, among others.
Most users earn about $5.00 a month using the app, which is sent by PayPal, check or optionally sent to charity.

Ibotta (iOS, Android)

Want to get paid to shop? Then download and sign up for the Ibotta app. This app pays you to shop at places like Whole Foods, Target, Walmart and more. If you try Ibotta, you instantly get $10.00 for the signup.

Make Money – Earn Free Cash (iOS, Android)

This is self-explanatory. By watching videos, commenting and taking surveys, you can earn points through this iOS and Android app. Redeem the points for cash that will go directly into your PayPal account.

Field Agent (iOS, Android)


Field Agent is an app that gives you money for completing small things for the app’s clients. This means that you can make $6.00 for taking photographs of toothbrushes at Target, or $4.00 for looking at the prices of gift sets at Target.

Cash Money – Earn Free Gift Cards & Rewards Points (iOS)


Make Money – Earn Free Cash is just one of many sites that let you get money for taking online surveys, asking questions, leaving comments and more. The points with these apps are redeemable for PayPal or gift cards. If you work hard enough on this app, you can get up to $25.00 an hour.

ESPN Streak For The Cash (iOS, Android)


ESPN has started to broaden its gaming presence with things like Streak for the Cash. If you think you can predict games, then you might win $50,000 a month for having the longest streak of game-winning predictions. This is highly competitive and only one person gets the big money.

Locket (Android)


Locket introduces you to the wonderful world of paid ads. The app pays you money to display an ad on your home screen. The app pays up to $250.00 a month, but to earn it you need to unlock the phone three times an hour, 24 hours a day.

GymPact (iOS, Android)


GymPact pays you to work out. This is a great app if you already workout. Users get around 50 to 75 cents for every 30 minutes of exercise, provided they check-in