Ivan Potts was arrested and sentenced to 8 years in prison for a gun charge. However, news of the arresting Baltimore officers soon broke, connecting them to a plethora of corruption including robbing citizens and lying on police reports.


Ivan Potts

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Ivan Potts was walking over to a store on Chelsea Terrace when an unmarked vehicle filled with police officers ordered him to walk over to them.

Unmarked Vehicle

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Three officers quickly jumped out of the vehicle and told Potts that they were going to search him for drugs and guns.


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Officer Jenkins commanded Potts to place his arms on top of his head and when Officers Hendrix and Ward tried to grab his arms, Potts jerked away and was then slammed onto the ground.


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Once on the ground the officers began to assault Potts by kicking him repeatedly. Once officer even pulled out a baton and began to beat him with it.


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According to Potts’ retelling of the account, two officers walked out from behind the alleyway and held up a gun.


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Potts said that Sgt. Jenkins began to smile as he stated that the gun obviously belonged to Potts as they “apprehended it” from him.

Sgt. Jenkins

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Sgt. Jenkins began to place the gun in Potts’ hand, according to Potts. Potts stated that he assumed the officer was trying to get his fingerprints on it.

Different Story

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The officers, however, recounted the story quite differently stating that Potts was walking around in a high-crime area while swinging his left hand freely and holding his right hand onto his midsection.

Official Statement

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“Investigators recognized these observations as being characteristics of an armed person,” Hendrix wrote in a statement.


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Potts was convicted and then sentenced to eight years in prison on the gun charge.

One Year

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Potts had served one year of prison time when news broke out that the officers involved in his arrest were under a federal indictment that was filed against them.


Bad Cops

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The officers were accused of robbing citizens, forging information on police reports and paying themselves overtime bonuses that they never worked for.

Charges Dropped

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Potts’ defense attorney and prosecutors both requested that the charges against Potts be dropped due to the circumstances surrounding the officers.


Free Man

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After hearing the requests, Judge Timothy J. Doory vacated Potts’ conviction and let him out of prison.

Mother’s Joy

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Potts’ mother, Melton, spoke out about the situation saying, “It’s just a joyous day. We got victory, because he’s free, and I’m happy.”

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