Sometimes it is easy to focus on just our surroundings.  But when the topic of corruption in law enforcement is discussed, that is a world wide problem.

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It seems it is a fact of nature that when a man is given authority, at some point the power goes to his head and that authority is abused.  This isn’t an American problem, it is a human problem.  Police corruption isn’t an isolated problem.

Police Clash with Protesters

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In England, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has seen a sharp increase in the number of officers reported.  In 2012, there were 275 cases reported.  By 2015, that number more than doubled to 644.

A Pakistan Protester Being Detained by Police

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The Pakistani police are known to be some of the most corrupt law enforcement officers in the world.  Many of the citizens believe the police are the most corrupt in their government.  Brutality, extortion, bribery and arresting innocent citizens are just some of the accusations made against the police.

Russian Police Detain a Suspect

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The Russian government is known for their corruption.  And their police department is not any different.  Russian officers use corruption and bribery to ensure their monthly quotas are met.

The South Sudan Police

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The police in Sudan are known to accept bribes to supplement their income.  And when it comes to doing their job, they rarely file police reports or investigate crimes.  And if you complain, you will face retaliation.

Somalia Police March at an Independence Celebration

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The war torn country of Somalia has one of the top most corrupt police departments in the world.  Because they are underpaid, many officers resort to bribery and steeling.

Mexican Police

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You can’t discuss police corruption in the world without mentioning the Mexican police.  Many are known to assist the drug cartels.  They also have the “plata o plomo” option they give victims.  This means accept the bribe or die!

The Haitian National Police

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The Haitian National Police are known to have violated several human rights law as well as being involved in kidnappings and drug activity.  They have also refused to respond to gang activity in their country.

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There are many people who claim they support the police.  The lead singer of U2 once said, “The less you know, the more you believe”.  If more understood the corruption that exists in law enforcement around the world, the problem could be fixed.  Until then, those who support the thin blue line only encourage their corrupt ways.

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