A few hours after his police academy graduation, Patrick Stewart crashed his car into a pole and was charged with an OUI crash.

Patrick Stewart

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24-year-old Patrick Stewart had just graduated from the Plymouth Police Academy.

Police Department

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As an official officer of the Scituate Police Department, Stewart went out to celebrate with drinks.

Police Report

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According to a police report filed after the incident, Stewart was driving his vehicle while intoxicated at around 1 a.m.


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Stewart then proceeded to veer off the road and crashed his pickup truck on Herring Pond Road, having struck a guide wire attached to a utility pole.

Stewart’s Story

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When officers appeared at the scene, Stewart initially told them that a car had cut him off and forced him off the road.

Change of Story

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Stewart then proceeded to change the story entirely and said that a deer ran in front of his car.

More Information

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That night, Stewart ran up a bar tab of $250, having ordered 22 drinks for him and his pals at Hotel 1620.

Failed Test

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Stewart happened to fail three of the sobriety tests officers offered him before making their arrest.


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Stewart, who is related to the Scituate Police Chief Michael Stewart, has been placed on paid administrative leave.


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Stewart currently faces charges on an OUI and negligent operation.

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