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Cases of cops abusing their power isn’t unheard of. They’re there to serve and protect but end up becoming feared. They have access to people’s records and they can easily taunt and bully anybody into doing their bidding. It’s unfortunate that sometimes, they have to target the ones who they think are “weak” and will never let the world know of the evils that they’re capable of. Read about Daniel Holtzclaw and his disgusting method of showing his power.

Who is Daniel Holtzclaw?

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He was a cop from Oklahoma City who used his job status as a way to become a serial sexual assault aggressor. 13 women testified about the perversion he did to them while he was on duty.

Who did he target?

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Most of his targets were African-American, some of them having previous arrest records. He was confident that they will be too terrified to report what he did to authorities because of their social standing.

Exposing himself and forcing women

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Whenever he stopped and frisked one of these women, he made it a point to show them his genitals and sometimes, even frisking them inappropriately. This was before he moved on to fully assaulting these women.

Quid pro quo

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He would always tell these women that he’ll let them go or make their bonds cheap if they did something for him. The favors he did for them were usually reciprocated by him telling them to give him oral sex.

The exchanging of numbers and Facebook friend requests

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Some women revealed that he had asked for their numbers and even sent them friend requests on Facebook. They had no other choice but to give him access to their personal lives out of fear of what he could do.

Drug inspections

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He would accuse these women of having drugs on their body. He would search for the drugs and grope them at the same time.

Personal home visits

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Holtzclaw went as far as dropping by his victims’ houses without permission. He would tell them that he has to inspect the house for drugs but he didn’t even have a search warrant.

Actual sexual assault

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He would take his victims on a ride on his police car and then park it in a secluded place. He would then sexually assault them before letting them go.

Home visit

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One of his victims testified that Holtzclaw took her back to her house and proceeded to sexually assault her inside her room. The only reason he had to stop was because he was nervous that someone might see him from the window.

Two choices

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Since some of these women were still drug users, he would tell them that he could either take them to detox or to send them to jail. Fearing the worst, these women would easily give in to his whims so they can continue to walk free.

Afraid of getting killed

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Since Holtclaw was a cop, the victims thought that he could just shoot them without any second thought. He could easily say that they fought back or had a weapon on them and he could be let off for killing them if he chose to.

All of the victims were POC and some had previous arrest records

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He preyed on vulnerable women that he can blackmail easily. Even if these women had families, he didn’t care. To him they were lesser human beings and their past activities gave him an excuse to exploit them.

“He messed up.”

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A prosecutor from Oklahoma City mentioned how Holtzclaw messed up for what he did. He was a football star and was a respected cop until allegations against him surfaced.

Call for innocence

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Unsurprisingly, his family still maintains that Holtzclaw is innocent. However, with 13 women testifying against him, all of which aren’t connected with each other, could there still be some sort of conspiracy against this serial sexual assault aggressor?

The verdict

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Daniel Holtzclaw was found guilty on 18 of 36 charges  and was sentenced to 263 years in prison.

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