Former Oregon Sheriff has been accused of a wide variety of misconduct and harassment charges while on duty, continuously using excessive force.

County Sheriff Frank Skrah

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Former Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah has been accused of nine misdemeanor charges, with many revolving around using excessive force.

Various Accusations

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Many of the accusations came from former suspects that fell victim to Skrah’s excessive use of force. The allegations span from 2013 to 2017.

James Johnson


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The first accusation comes from James Johnson who came into contact with Skrah back in February 2013. Johnson claims that Skrah held a flashlight against his throat.

Kenneth Bragg

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Kenneth Bragg came forward with his story that took place in February 2015. Bragg said Skrah choked him during their interaction.

Lack of Communication

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Skrah was also accused of neglecting to inform homeowners that their mailboxes were destroyed by an on duty police officer.

Jury Verdict

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Jury deliberations found Skrah guilty of five out of seven misdemeanor counts. These include attempted fourth-degree assault, first-degree misconduct, strangulation and harassment.

Defense Attempts

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Throughout the case, the defense attorneys attempted to discredit the victim’s testimonies by questioning their character and criminal histories.


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Prosecutors agreed that the victim’s did have extensive criminal histories, however, that did not permit the sheriff to use excessive force against them.

Possible Sentence

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Skrah could face up to a year in prison and be required to pay a fine of $6,250 on his highest misdemeanor count.

No Justice?

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Looking back at previous convictions of law enforcement officials in Klamath County provides a bleak picture of justice. Skrah most likely will put on probation and required to yield his position as a law enforcer.






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