It is September 16, 2016 and Tyre King, a 13-year old boy, is going about his business. On his waist is a BB gun he carries around to scare off bullies. As it normally happens whenever a black man sees a police officer, he would start running and Officer Bryan Mason of Columbus Police Department would run after him and corner him into an alley. Instinctively, King would go for his toy gun. Fearing that his life was in danger, Officer Mason would shoot and kill the boy instantly. Such a sad story!

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Apparently, this was not the first time Officer Mason had shot at somebody. Back in 2012, he mortally wounded another man but his superiors cleared him of any wrongdoing but went on to send him on an administrative leave. That he shot Tyre King multiple times even after the boy went down has raised a lot of questions.

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