Domestic violence is a common crime that usually goes unreported due to the fact that victims are usually terrified of saying anything against their spouse or partner. It’s especially difficult if the same people that they’ll be running to are the ones that their abusers work with on a daily basis. It’s such a tragedy that sometimes, a victim has to die before anybody can notice the kind of abuse that their police officer husband or boyfriend is doing to them.

1.) More likely to abuse their wives/partners

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Since it’s no longer surprising that cops can get drunk with power, if they can be brutal with strangers, what’s stopping them from being brutal with their wives, partners, or children? They can easily cover up for the abuse considering that they’re committing it in the privacy of their own home.

2.) Daniel Samento

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Daniel Samento was a retired cop who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoia. When his wife who was a police dispatcher failed to show up for work, a wellness check was done in their home. It was discovered that she was fatally shot before her husband took his own life in an apparent murder-suicide.

3.) David Brame

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David Brame was involved in a murder-suicide, wherein he fatally shot his wife in the head at a mall parking lot before shooting himself. Prior to the incident, his wife was filing for divorce, citing that Brame had choked her and threatened to kill her.

4.) Ryan Anders

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Ryan Anders’ ex-wife already had a protection order against him and they were both in the midst of a domestic violence investigation. One fateful night, Anders disabled the security system in the home he used to share with his wife before shooting her multiple times and then turning the gun on himself.

5.) Nick Pitofsky

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Nick Pitofsky was a very jealous man who would do anything to protect his wife. A few days before their deaths, Vanessa Pitofsky alerted her friends that she’ll be deleting her social media accounts because of how jealous her husband gets. A welfare check revealed that Nick had fatally shot her before killing himself.

6.) Jeremy Yachik

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Jeremy Yachik was sentenced to 32 years in prison after his teenage daughter revealed the abuse that she had suffered from his hands. She said that over several years and on an almost daily basis, her father would abuse her and she, “disclosed multiple incidents of child abuse she has suffered. She disclosed being choked, force-fed hot sauce, having her hands bound with plastic zip ties, being locked in rooms, punched, kicked, beaten with ropes, handcuffed and being restricted to eating food.”

7.) Joshua Boren

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Joshua Boren had drugged and raped his wife while he videotaped it multiple times during their marriage. After she discovered what he had done, they got into a heated argument. This prompted Boren to fatally shoot his wife, his two kids, and his mother-in-law, before committing suicide.

8.) Joseph Longo Jr.

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Kristin Palumbo-Longo contacted cops at least five times before she was murdered by her husband. She was attempting to file a report against him, but was always discouraged from seeking a protection order by her husband’s colleagues. In 2009, one of their four children discovered that Joseph Longo Jr. had stabbed Kristin multiple times until she died before stabbing himself to death.

9.) Jose Robert Figueroa

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Figueroa attempted to kill his estranged wife inside her apartment until she passed out. When she woke up, she was tied up and had a black eye and bruises all over her body.

10.) Timothy Gallick

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Gallick left his girlfriend with multiple bruises and a concussion after a domestic dispute. He also fired a gun in front of her when she attempted to get her cellphone back. It took her multiple attempts before any charges could be filed against Gallick due to the fact that his fellow officers always tried to disuade her from doing so.

11.) Gualberto Diaz

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Gualberto Diaz was arrested after he barged in the home of his estranged wife’s boyfriend and dragged her by the hair and pointed his service weapon at her. He proceeded to kick her in the head and her body, telling her that he wanted to kill her.

12.) Alexander Bradley

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Bradley and his wife got into an altercation inside their car while on their home one night. He kicked his wife out of the car and another police officer picked her up, only to discover that she had serious injuries to her face, including a serious cut to her upper left eye, a fractured left orbital, and injuries to her nose and mouth. Bradley’s reason? He was only defending himself– he only had a scratch on his neck.

13.) Attempt at whistleblowing

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Victims who attempt to speak out about their abuse and how their partner’s cop buddies tried to cover it up were constantly met with harrassment by other cops. Sometimes, they couldn’t even file protection orders because they would be ignored.

14.) 40% of families

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A survey that was conducted revealed that about 40% of cops were open about the fact that domestic violence had occurred in their household within the last 6 months or so. It’s shocking, considering the fact that these people are trained to handle deadly weapons and can manipulate the law.

15.) The blue wall of silence is in place

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A majority of the cases mentioned in this piece involved some form of police cover-up, especially during the initial attempts of the victims to report the violence. These cops were more than willing to let their colleague continue beating their wives or partners just so they wouldn’t have to arrest a fellow officer.

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