With their attractive logos and fun filled commercials shown on kid’s television, fast food chains are constantly being flashed before our eyes. After picking up the kids from school and working a full day’s job, it can become tempting to pick up some fast food on the way to the house. Exhausted parents rely on fast food for it’s cheap prices and the fact that it saves them from having to cook dinner. Kids love it because of the constant marketing done on television, as well as the idea that fast food is a treat. However, feeding your children food from fast food chains can be extremely detrimental to their health. Several studies have been done researching the effect of constant fast food consumption among children and teenagers.

The studies found that children who were eating out more often consumed extremely high levels of sodium, sugar, and empty calories. In comparison to eating at home, the study found that children eating fast food consumed an extra 160 calories! Those calories do add up!! As well as consuming high calories and sodium, eating out encourages the consumption of carbonated sugar-sweetened beverages. These sodas have been tied with many bodily ailments. Such ailments associated with high soda intake are type 2 diabetes and obesity. Foods consumed in fast food restaurants have also been tied with bodily ailments. Such ailments that have formed from fast food consumption are hypertension, obesity, and different metabolic issues. Instead of picking up food from a fast food joint, no matter how tempting it may be, be sure to pack your children healthy school lunches.

Preparing meals ahead of time can help with the problems associated with making sure that your children are well nourished. Feeding them fast food is only endangering their health. While it may seem like you are saving money by purchasing such food, shopping for a week ahead and preparing meals ahead of time actually saves you much more money. Keeping your kids happy and healthy is every parent’s main objective. While eating fast food once in a while is perfectly fine, relying on it to nourish your children is a foolish thought. Children will benefit much more from home cooked meals, with the family gathered around the table ready to share their days with one another.