So you’re a first time parent and you’re trying to get everything under control! You’ve got everything figured out but now your child has cut themselves with a pair of scissors or has hurt themselves in some way. You see blood and your initial reaction is to completely freak out! We would too! Part of being a parent, however, is knowing how to handle situations like these with a calm and cool manner so that your judgment can be clear. Handling first aid emergencies gracefully all stems from being prepared ahead of time and knowing exactly what to do in any sort of situation. If your child has managed to cut themselves slightly, whether it be a paper cut or with an object, begin by washing it with some soap and water to rid it of any bacteria that may cause infection. Pat the area dry, softly and gently, and if you wish you may cover the area with a bandage in order to keep it clean and prevent any dirt from getting into the cut.

If, however, the situation is a bit more crucial and your child has managed to either gash their head or some part of their body, different measures will have to be taken in order to help. If the area is bleeding profusely, begin by grabbing a clean cloth or bandage and placing it on top of the wounded area. Place a decent amount of pressure on the area in order to stop the bleeding and help the area begin to clot. If applying pressure does not work and the area continues to bleed you may need to bring your child into the doctor’s office or even to the emergency room for possible stitches.

If your child has scraped his knee and the bleeding is profuse with a lot of dirt and gravel in the wound, or if they have punctured themselves with a rusty object you will most certainly want to take them to the emergency room. They may be in need of stitches and the sooner you bring them to the hospital the better! In order to be prepared for any unpredictable circumstances that life throws at us, always be sure to have an emergency kit with you at all times. Whether that means throwing one in the trunk of the car or simply carrying one with you in your purse or carriage. Being prepared is a smart parent’s best tool!