With the ALS ice bucket challenge taking over the Internet as of recent, we’ve had to sit through numerous video clips of our friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends dumping buckets of ice unto their heads. We’ll be honest, if it weren’t for a good cause we’d be kind of annoyed by now. Since the ice bucket challenge, however, much awareness has been brought to the debilitating disease that is ALS or infamously referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

One of the videos that made Internet fame recently was Olivia Wilde’s ice bucket challenge. Instead of opting for the original concept of dumping ice-cold water on top of her head, Olivia Wilde decided to step the game up a notch. Instead, Ms. Wilde, a recent new mother, dumped an entire bucket of breast milk onto her head. Her message rung clear as she announced that she was dumping the breast milk onto her head for ALS awareness. A huge advocate for breastfeeding rights, Olivia made a wild statement with her ALS video.

Just recently, Olivia Wilde was photographed in Glamour magazine with her 4-month-old son, Otis. In the photographs Olivia made her stance on breastfeeding clear, as several of the photographs involved her breastfeeding her son. Olivia looked incredibly gorgeous in every photo and is a constant reminder of the battle women face with public breastfeeding. The scrutiny must stop, as breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful process. We applaud Olivia Wilde for her brave stance and her amazingly thought out ALS ice bucket challenge video.