Keeping baby cool over the course of the hot summer months is a very important essential to parenting. It can be confusing for many new parents how exactly to keep baby from over heating. Figuring out how to dress them in appropriate outfits to keep them from burning in the sun or from sweating too much is the ultimate key. Making sure baby stays hydrated, cool, and happy will lead to a much better summer for the both of you!

Overdressing the baby is something that many mothers tend to do. In the summer, however, this can be very bad for baby as it will increase sweating and the chances of heat stroke or heat rash. In order to keep baby cool while outdoors be sure to dress him or her in some light colored, loose fitting outfits, such as t-shirts or shorts. Make sure the clothing is made from cotton, as it will reduce the chances of baby sweating and developing heat rash. Always be sure to put on an adorable hat for baby, as protecting their face from the sun’s harmful rays is extremely necessary. When going outdoors on a trip to the zoo, or going out for a swim in the pool, it is imperative that you apply sunscreen to the baby. Many mamas worry about the harmful ingredients inside sunscreen and wonder if they should apply it to baby’s skin. However, if the sunscreen does not have oxybenzone or retinyl palmitate it should be completely safe for use on baby!

Be sure to apply the sunscreen right before leaving the house, and then reapply sunscreen after exposure to water or if baby is sweating a lot. If you do notice that your baby is quite hot to the touch, restless, and has irregular breathing patterns he or she may be dehydrated. It is important to hydrate baby immediately by giving them extra formula to drink. Your initial instinct may be water but at this young age it is important to simply give them extra formula. If you notice that on baby’s skin a troublesome amount of tiny red bumps have begun to appear, and that baby is quite sweaty, then he or she may have developed a heat rash. Apply some baby powder onto the skin to help calm it down and keep baby in a cool environment. Making sure baby is having fun in the sun and staying safe is every mom’s top priority!